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The Lighthouse of Ice – Drathor

A gnome gilded in gold. Never did I think that such a being could be anything truly insidious. I thought him perhaps a mage who has been out on his own for too long with his overzealous trap on the island and with network of contacts helping him acquire what he needed. I’d heard of such types before. Who knows, maybe some of the stories I’d heard could have been referring to him. I’m young compared to most beings with their long lives so my suspicion was minimal. All I knew was that we had deals that needed to be made and this “gnome” was our best opportunity to get what we needed for our ship and that pesky mephit that has attached itself to it.

Of course that was interrupted by what I honestly at the time assumed to be rudeness. Rowen unleashing some strange snake creature that is apparently speaking to them. Madoc sneaking around seeming to look for more things to steal apparently not learning their lesson from the trap at the front door. And Snix Snak doing…. weird things to I assume detect magic? They were the only one I had any clue of what they were up to. As crazy as these fellows are however I do have to thank them. Thanks to all of them we discovered another room and the “gnome” Torran after breaking into tears over the treatment went out to make ironwood jewelry to try and “befriend” Rowan. Still Water for his part seemed entranced by the riches around us? Or maybe was just keeping out of the situation and distracting himself? I couldn’t really tell as everything else had my focus.

While everyone went to check out this room I went to talk to Torran to finally make arrangements to deal peacefully. I learned that Belgin apparently betrayed him in some way but with the visions he was having Torran seemed very interested in forgiving him. I’m still curious about this and will have to look into this. Either way he gave me a gift of jewelry and we had the makings of a deal in progress so with that I headed towards the backroom to keep the others from ruining it. When I arrived I found myself very glad that Torran didn’t notice where I was going as it very well could have saved our lives.

Rowan mentioned a voice calling from help down one set of stairs while the others went up. What we found down below was a Devil called Borridge in chains and imprisoned.  I’m not one to trust devils, legends describe them as evil incarnate and always looking to make deals that they can manipulate in their favor. They’ll keep their word maybe but it will always be the word that harms you most and helps them more. I was more than happy to leave him there but then Rowan wanted to free the creature. I was against it and we debated until the others returned. We soon learned from him an important fact. Torran was a devil too. I immediately cast aside the gold jewelry that was given to me. It couldn’t be trusted. I could only hope there wasn’t already a spell on me. Thankfully with it came information that would be our salvation.

As Snix Snak and Madoc worked on freeing the devil I asked about what they found. It turns out the source of the ice storm last night was in fact the Guardian of this island. This didn’t seem right however. A Guardian? Killing ALL life on the island including that of nature? This didn’t seem like  what the Guardians were supposed to be doing. It seemed arrogant but I had to speak to the Guardian about it. I wasn’t sure how it’d feel about Devils at the time but after speaking with it that answer was made clear. This devil was manipulating it under the guise of “helping” it. It was NOT pleased to say the least and demanded that our “gnome” friend be brought before it. Can’t say I liked the idea that we would have to destroy what we set out to find but this Guardian deserved the chance to redeem itself from this trickery.

We decided to lure the Devil to his doom here. Madoc threw a rock at the “gnome” down below and immediately confirmed its Devilish origins as it transformed immediately in response and ran up the tower in a rage only to be blasted with a bolt of cold energy, freezing it solid and finally finished by Rowan casting a spell that focused itself through the crystal. Something that was probably a mistake as the Guardian told us to run as magical energy built up eventually obliterating the Devil and freezing the whole tower. We managed to melt ways back in and out, gathered some treasure and headed back to the ship. It was going to be tough explaining why we went further up despite being told not to and what that explosion was. I just hope they weren’t especially good friends with this Torran and that the mephit isn’t too upset with us. Burning the ship to the ground wouldn’t end well for us. Our new snake and inky “friends” could be other potential problems but one thing at a time. I just know that we’re in for quite the scolding.


The Tilting Corridor – Lucan of the Green Veins

My head is in chaos. I cannot help but wonder what brought all of these people to the Arena. Was it the same things as me? Were they too drawn to this place out of the same motivations and needs as I have? The puzzles of this place seem to be a good focus for the mind, just as one can study all the blossoms in spring. Though later may also do the same with the leaves in fall and the snowflakes in winter.

The creatures were incredible in the way they were unlike anything I had actually seen before. The sheer amount of eyes was beyond belief. The use of magic unique. These are creatures I could study for ages, but that is not why I’m here.

Thankfully as I get closer to all those in my group I realize I belong here. Tertius, for instance, exhibits the same amount of brain as fight prowess despite his stature. Ouro and Suhn seem to have their own way of speaking, much that I have seen animals communicate without words in the wild. Then, of course, there is Falriel, as fey touched as she seems to be… she all seems to make me feel unfamiliar things. The whole experienced causes me pause and requires further meditation.

So we did it. We completed our rooms and are headed to the winner’s circle. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this entire experience in the arena is going to be one that makes me feel things I will not be used to, but it is beyond worth it. For now, I leave this thought in my journal.

The touch of a female made me feel things for the first time since I was a youngling.

The Shattered Gods

Deadlands by McMarvin

Where were we?

The deadlands, right.

We had to find a suitable body for a member of the Rhaxon family who was stuck in a very ugly one.

We were sent to the farming district and, once we got there, we saw there was a strange guy with half of his body covered in metal.

After talking with the metal guy for a while, another person appeared.

He told us that, if we wanted to go into the badlands, we would have needed a guide and, luckily, he knew just the guy.

Before meeting the guide, we had to go through a very strange “handsy” wall which grabbed us and left us on the other side.

When we had all been moved to the other side, we met our guide.

Tegan told him where we had to go and he led us there.

While he led us there, the guide started picking up metallic limbs and attaching them to himself.

We got to the tomb we were looking for and, while I was trying to open it, I got stuck upside down for a good 5-10 minutes.

Why does this kind of stuff always happen to me?

The other guys used me as a lever to open the tomb’s huge door. Once inside, we saw that the strange yellow crystal that was bothering us since we entered the badlands was actually the Rhaxon’s family member’s spirit.

The half-mechanical guy started talking to the system that was keeping the body half-alive and was able to release it, so that we could bring it back to the city.

In the mean time, our guide had collected so many body part that it had turned into a huge strange creature.

After defeating it, we went back to the city.


Day 8 – Tempest:

After leaving the College of Antiquities I discovered a book within my pack that was….moving. As it transpired, the book was once an elf from the Frozen Wastes, the secluded High Elven type, and their name is Torna. All it wants is to be free of its life as a book and in return it will gift life everlasting, something which Ashylum seems quite taken with. Oh, and apparently it was a group of genies that placed this curse on them, which makes me feel…..trepidatious.

The group also had much to say regarding the fate of the young girl Star and what she means for us. Monty warned caution about bringing such a young thing into a war but most of us seem to be in agreement that she is safest under the watchful eyes of Jezza’s father and Sandcarver’s daughter Elise. If she can identify the mystery metal for us then she may well prove crucial to the success of our mission.

A journey to the Turnkwik residence was next on the order of business and we went to investigate what happened there before Jezza’s mother left. What we found was their courtyard fountain flowing with blood. It became clear we were not alone, there were spirits with us and we promised to help “close the hole” within the fountain. What we discovered was not only a connection to the void but another small black statuette. It seems that not only are they collecting pieces of The Sundered One, but desecrating spots to create places of power in important places – this one at the heart of Gnerome. I am also concerned for Monty – the sight of the fountain seems to have caused a flare up in her elemental connection. I should speak to her about that.

Before moving on to the next step of our adventure, the group decided to try and kit up and use the coins of the Silver Palm that Dean Gimel gave us. This led us to the warehouse and an absolute sea of busy Ratfolk. Upon a throne was what I assumed was a broodmother. During our discourse with her this became quite apparent……as she gave birth whilst discussing our potential trade. This caused a paling in our two small friends, though I can’t say it shocked me. I’ve encountered things a great deal stranger in my travels.

Still, she will seemingly give us what we need. Now we just need to decide where we are going next to try and thwart Salazhar and his plan to eradicate all of known life….

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