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Dr. Kinnley’s Notes

Being underground for 50 years has its toll on those who are surface dwellers. Perhaps my research, my drive has made me forget the stars, the fresh air, and the natural dangers above ground. As a Wood Elf…I am ashamed to admit I have forgotten the face of the Mother Earth. My heart sang once again at the sight of trees, grass, and starry sky. I feel the grime of the Underdark falling away from me the further I venture.
The idea of going above ground was thrilling…I hid my excitement behind stuffing a test subject into my bag of holding. I almost had another, however, I could not convince the others to kill the drow, so I let it be. However, now on the surface world, we are met with a yuan-ti, one who demands respect. Well… not from me, though as chosen as they may be. Speaking of which…I’ve not earned favor from Keo. I have actively lied to him and the others, so…it is fair for them to distrust me. I am a distrustful sort of my own making.
A curious thing occurred, aside from my Patron marking me again; we, the group and I met the Corruption. It was…clever. Far more than I had previously studied. It…pushed us into a larger patch of Corruption. It was organized. It was…almost a pack mentality. If it can advance this far, creating plant people, using things to…build, how far is it away from speaking? Being on a higher level of intelligence? Fighting and organizing. It spells trouble. I wonder if we are going about this the wrong way. I wonder if it is too late to communicate. Most likely.
I will need to speak with my Patron. He would want to know of this if he is not already aware. For now. I will protect my group. I have many questions to answer.


Diary of Tertius Flavius Hilarius of the Twin Shires

“I feel like I’m getting older… My memory is a little blurry these days and every time I start drinking I have the weirdest dreams… I was in the winner’s circle with The Piper and we killed one keg after another. For all I know, i took it like the champ that I am, but after I stopped drinking to head back to our rooms… I don’t know if I should trust my mind on this, but I remember that I saw an old lady in our bed, a bloodied dead but not actually a dead man on the floor and Falriel. Well, Falriel didn’t seem to be certain about whether she should float around or crawl on the floor. She was really split on this….
Obviously, i was hallucinating. To my surprise, Ouro decided to help me with that and handed me a bottle of something that smelled like the strongest liquor I ever had. After taking a few sips I could already feel the hallucinations fade away and the firm grasp of slumber started to take hold of me.

I woke up to the rattling of armor and tightening leather straps as my companions were starting to prepare for the upcoming day. “Finally, a day in the arena,”I thought to myself and picked up my gear to get ready as well.

As we set foot in the arena I was expecting an actual fight, but all we had to battle were super heavy stone blocks and the incompetence of everyone else. Even though I’m surprised by our newcomer Lucan, he doesn’t look like much compared to me, but he’s got the brains to make up for it. Speaking of brains… I really hope that I get to kill something that has one because everyone can paint a picture with blood, but you know that you’re facing a real artist if he pulls it off with brain matter.

Notes to self:
Never stop drinking when you’re hallucinating.
Drop a rock on Ouros foot.
Beat up the guy who threw that goddamn rock at me.
Find something with a brain to kill

The Shattered Gods

Report by Keeva

First off, how Jester sussed out my feelings…No, they’re obvious to a being like Jester. Jellybabies aren’t cheap in the city, and I only ever buy them for myself and him. So…That’s that. He knows. What would a being like him care about a mortal? It’s not like I’m barred from death. I doubt he would follow me across the stars. I digress.

I’m not entirely sure why Mother sent me out into the field. I’m not a deceptive person…however, perhaps she saw devious side. I used it well, against Deheart. I may have tilted my hand, but I got what I wanted…and a new tool for the Whisper Network. Playing Deheart’s game will give the Whisper Network more information than we previously had on him. Building bridges indeed. I know what he wants now. I know how to work him now. Mother can be angry at me later.

I am concerned about Praxius. He’s…Deheart has given him what he’s wanted. I need to talk to him once I find Praxius. Perhaps we can come to an agreement…

Speaking of which. Echo…I thought I knew him once upon a time. He’s a flirtatious spy…A good one at that. I don’t mind him. He’s good at his job, and he did the right thing in denying he worked for the Whisper Network. I can spin the tale he’s a hired gun…nothing more. I have to keep my people safe…right?


Day 7 – Kyrella:

After a bit of time maneuvering the light of the sun and the light of Belenos onto the shell of Tortles, the group clambers down into the crypt.

In the entrance, the group is greeted by a door with a crystal handle. Jezza did her best to speak with the door. After a few moments of staring blankly at the door, she grabbed the handle and promptly disappeared.

Ash, ever the daring sort, followed suit.

“Oh dear, vaporized or not, perhaps that is not the path to go.”

The few left behind discussed the situation and decided to see if the light of Belenos would assist them again. As the light shone through the room, the door handle turned from crystal into metal.

Moving through several rooms, the group meet up into a ball of insects and a particularly devilish rat.

“Bite me, will you? Then feel the burning hands of a Tiefling!”

A few moments later, they stumble into a room with murals upon the walls. The image of the manger is crystal; the light of Belenos assists again and Kyrella notices the name Fenna appearing on a wall.

“The crypt of a natural born gnome Cleric of the Old Gods? Perhaps their name was Fenna!”

On and on the group goes, lighting braziers as they pass being surprised by traps and wonderous rooms and pounced upon by gooey winged creatures.

Courageously, they fight and during the battle, they hear a loud thunderous sound coming from a nearby door.

Once the creature is defeated, the group follows the sound of thunder. To their great surprise, they stumble across their missing friends.

“It seems the crystal has a teleportation ability. What other properties may it possess?”

Moving on, through more hallways and traps, the group finds themselves alone in a small room with a hideous pitiful creature.

“I was expecting company, I didn’t think it would be so soon. Welcome to your demise.” The adventurers stare in horror at the creature.

“What horrors await us now?”

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