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Mez – Chosen of Bakanuwa

The news of Godwakers run through the minds of my fellow Ratfolk but other matters hold my attention, so I deafen my mind to the prattle of the telepathathy.
A sudden noise of what little followers I have left draws me away from the organization of my scrolls. What I see before me may be my salvation from the ones who think only knowing one subject is best and that their subject holds the answer to our predicament.
These people seek a teleportation circle and the one I find resides in a stall of a rat that I owe many favors too me owing him one more isn’t a bad thing.
I found out that one of my precious books held more secrets in it well physically in it. Found an interesting cogwheel and a crystal.
I got to ride a broom of flying it was fun and exciting the fellow that allowed me to seem very knowledgeable
Upon seeing Ratfolk ganging up against Ratfolk isn’t an unusual sight but I find one friend and convince him to help deter the rest of the rabble.
All I have to say is my sister is gonna kill me and having a sister who’s choice of knowledge is poisons well I hope she understands why I have to do this it’s for the greater good.
We used the teleportation circle and we find ourselves in a room filled with devices all I want to see and figure out how they work


Dairy of Ouro Bo’ros

“Falriel’s drunken escapade resulted in complication and realization. McNiernan stole a doll from her with sentimental value. Suhn’vel and I went to retrieve it. The man, if it is a man, approached us from the winner’s circle. I tried a different tact, speaking to him “man to man” as the humans refer to it. No tricks, no guile, I merely asked he return the elf’s property. The fact that he did so so easily made me nervous. This instinct was proven correct as we soon discovered that the doll’s enchantments had been messed with. The extent of which was not made clear until Suhn managed to dispel a secondary transmutation effect hidden beneath the first. The doll turned into a man, known to us as Morrison. We were already looking after his wife, a lovely elder woman. Morrison is currently bleeding out on the floor, and i find myself wishing nothing more than to find McNiernan and indulge in a level of sadism that a devoted worshipper of demons might find to be a bit much. Why do I care? These people are a means to an end, nothing more. The mission is what is important. I cannot lay a hand upon the noble without jeopardizing our purpose. Suhn is trying to stop Morrison’s bleeding at our feet as we speak. Perhaps it won’t be by my hand..but McNiernan needs to understand one thing very clearly if this is ever to work; these people are MY means to an end and I do not share toys.

The Shattered Gods

Report by Keeva

Fieldwork is not my strongest area of understanding. I much rather be a desk jockey as I deal in information and secrets better than fighting or interactions with others. I much rather keep the company of Jester. At least his chaos is understandable and a nice break from minor monotony. And on top of it, Max, one of the clones we met in the toy shop, tried to out spy me…that proved poorly on her part as I am a salt lord when someone tries to outclass me at my profession. I mean…being partnered with an old AI thing isn’t all bad…for me. Bad for Max, but I’m fine. So is MacMarvain. We both agreed we should not raise plants, children, or robots together as we have damaged or lost two of the three together on our own. On the other hand, I have so many questions for Arthur. I’m starting to see why Mother would want him into the Network.


Lanaris & Fair Harbor

Lanaris returned to the tavern with her band as they plotted their next move after facing the Imposter. Little happened throughout the day, however, as there were far too many conversations at one time to focus on. However, when she retired to her room for a quick rest, she had heard a rather annoying voice from outside the hallway. Peeking out she saw a small halfling in front of the room of Tofur. Before being able to cast her Silence spell, they entered the room, and finally, she was able to get her peace and quiet.

Some time flew by and she swiftly grew bored. Having heard about the library in the town, she decided to set out to find it, happening to run into Darius by chance. Learning that he is also on his way to the library, she decided to follow along. Along the way she learned Darius is wishing to find books on Demons and trying to make conversation with her fellow party member, she admitted she was looking for text on the Old Ones.

However, due to certain restrictions on some missing books, they were forced to return to the tavern with Kyrai the Librarian, since the halfling that Lanaris witnessed earlier that day was the one who had the books. Through a bit of an argument, the halfling, Crell, returned with us to the library, and they were finally able to look for their books…..almost. Kyrai asked them to sign a contract in blood, but through some haggling from the Diplomatic Side of Lanaris, she at the very least managed to talk it down to Kyrai watching her and Darius study their books.

Even that was brought to a swift end however as a Trapped smoke bomb is set off, interrupting their readings. Knowing a fight is about to quickly ensue, Darius and Lanaris got ready for a battle as they rushed into where the smoke bomb was set off…


Day 6 & 7 – Jezza:

And now it’s time foooooooor Jezza’s truth! … With me, Jezza.
Firstly, I would like to note the people with LOTS of patience, one such person is Monty. She was tested by the gauntlet… (gauntlet = my mother). My uppity, demanding mother nearly talked her ear off.

Secondly, karma… I decided that Monty deserved a reward for suffering such discomfort. My mom is new money, a snob. How do you get back at somebody like my mother? Like this: I sent the very elderly dwarf woman that has lost her son, to stay with my mother. I also let EVERYONE know at the university about how concerned my mother is for the troubled, the needy, and downtrodden of Gnerome. So…. She has to accept Emra into our home. If she doesn’t, everyone will take note and that would not do at all. She won’t risk her reputation. hehe…hehehe… MUWAHAHAHAHA…. Hey! Don’t judge me! The world might be ending ya take pleasure where EVER ya can find it.

What else…. Ash got trolled by a god who made him relive the same day over and over again. I don’t think he really learned his lesson in the end though, I’m sure he will carry on doing what he does.

I returned the flying carpet…. Sheesh being a good daughter is troublesome.
Something also cool, I was quoted today! I think ya know ya made it as a bard when someone quotes ya. Tempest said, “as Jezza would say if she was here, I believe in coincidences but I do NOT trust them.” Mom would be proud…… if she cared.
I’m making progress I haven’t taken any of Kyrella’s veils/shawls in the past 2 days. Instead, I’m now taking Monty’s candy…. This might be my biggest failing, my greatest flaw, borrowing veils and eating my colleague’s candy.

Er… again I’m re-reading this and all of this reads like the rantings of someone having a sunstroke… THE END

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