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The Secret Diary of Glory

Dear Diary,

Today has been an interesting day. It started out like any other day; crazy fire people yelling at us, lesser races being rude to us, and some higher power demanding we repent (they keep telling me to do they always tell me that…).

Things really got crazy when we were just about to the black market and our doctor died. Being the Heros we are, we decided to bring her back to life, but she seemed a bit broken. Naturally, when someone is broken we did the only logical thing, killed her and revived her again (what you call cruel, I call medicine) alas she was still broken. Keo suggested I peek into her brain and see if the problem is there. And it was funny in that head. Visions of the doctor sticking things in people and stuff. Never the one to let the odds tell us we can’t, we thought we would give open chest surgery a shot. And would you believe it, we found a giant pearl!

About this time a strange tentacle man arrived and asked for food. So we gave him a dead, rude Ratfolk, a zombie, and despite my new oath to do no harm to my patients, I gave him my patient. (It should be ok, I’ve been told keeping oaths is not my strong point) and it did work out, cause after I gave him the doctor to eat, the doctor showed up and was alive (Krieg should write an article about our new medical breakthroughs.)

We eventual found our way to the black market again and did some shopping, also we have a nickname for our group “The God Wakers” if that doesn’t strike fear into the hearts of our enemies on the battlefield I don’t know what would (sigh.. I miss war) also it turns out that like ever race in the under dark the rat people are no different, they also hate people based on what they look like cause most of them really don’t like this white rat man.

Until next time diary.



The Cavern – Mist

Well now, that was creepy. From one hot mess of a situation to another. After my own incredible feats of daring-dos witnessed in that little prison break, we found ourselves in some kind of cave and were greeted by…crabs. One of them seemed to take a bit of a liking to the halfling fellow too (I mean he got on the back rid the damnable thing!).

Anyways, I’m never one to turn down a bit of exploration, especially when there’s so much still to be learned and precious artifacts to find. One day, my name will be known across the Kingdoms! Mist of Red Sun – Explorer and Archaeologist extraordinaire!

So onwards, the cave got icy. We found piles of dead halfling skeletons – ominous to say the least. I felt my whiskers tingle. Something bad was coming – we all knew it. And sure enough, we were attacked by blasted elementals. Of course, they weren’t too much of a problem. I had my trusty rapier handy so… (the others seemed to have some fight in them too).

Another interesting thing to note – the Minotaur, so far so silent, spoke. And spoke what seemed to me like Aquan to those Elementals. Haven’t the foggiest what they were saying, but still. Interesting.

We finally came across an arch covered with very intriguing carvings. If I’m not mistaken(and I never am), something to do with the old god The Horagares. It turned out to be a portal – so of course, off we hopped. On reflection, as I stand here on this mountaintop looking around me, that decision might have been a bit rash. In the cave there were maybe four or five elementals, but now? We’re surrounded.


The Journal of Suhn’Vel Stellar: An Encounter Wished to be Forgotten

Upon leaving the Arena, we noticed the eyes of those who loathed us. Ouro taunting one of the other combatants with a sharp tongue was a nice relief to the hell we had just gone through. Until we met a strange man in Red and Black. A man who rubbed me sideways. He was a charmer, but it was clear he knew far more than he dared let on. This only was solidified when he handed each of us a card. While at the time of these events I only knew what was on my card, I could see that my suspicion was correct, as somehow my title was placed onto the card. “Amaranthine” written down with a strange set of numbers underneath.

Before I could press farther, The Piper butted in and pushed the damned man away. At the time, I believed I would have smacked The Piper with my lute but I held myself back. We moved only a short distance when we came across someone who, how should I write this, does not fill me with a large amount of hope. The only part of his name I care to remember was Tertius, and that is all I needed. However, we learned that he would be replacing Kardakh as Kardahk was missing.

A shameful tale for the man, as the Arena does not seem kind to cowards. Moving forward through to collect our rewards, I am constantly shocked at the innocence, and naivety of Falriel, as she was hitting on the Rewards Woman whose name I care not to remember. That crazed elf has saved my life once already, however, so I cannot complain too much about her. After gaining our rewards though, we learned about being invited to a Winning Circle as a reward for appeasing the crowd.

Upon arrival, we met a lovely lass named Bella, who was too timid for her own good, even when shown clear signs of care towards her. Letting the others of the group have their own place to drown their minds in cheap ale by the keg, I managed to have dear Bella bring Ouro and Myself some wine for the trouble. A happy moment of relaxation was ruined by the Man in Black and Red once again. Who clearly has a distaste for allowing such a hard worker a chance to relax. A couple lashes to each other ultimately resulted in something I dared not expect.

He knows who I am. “These have been appearing around the Arena, this….Amaranthine Phantom…” He said. My heart stopped at that moment as I saw a crude sketch of my cloak and mask, something I was careful to leave behind. Anger got the better of me as I could not stop my arrow from knocking the paper out of his hand and into the wall behind us. The dastard seemed amused. He laughed at me. I realized then he was toying with me and could do nothing but watch him walk away as I knew he had won that battle.

I now sit in a room with Ouro. Half a bottle of wine in and learning that his card has similar characteristics to my own, we know that these are important in some way. To what though, we do not have enough information. We have more challenges ahead of us. The judges seem intent to kill us in these trials, and I know this next battle will test us to work together. I must set my pen down now. Hopefully, the alarm ward Ouro set up will stay held while we rest.

Signed: Suhn’Vel Aramathine Stellar


Day 17 – Darius Farclaw

Day 17 – I was unfortunately interrupted from my studies by the innkeep.

Oh please, she was rather rude about it, be more confrontational.

Hey, she was nice about it.  Anyhow, she led me out of the room to look over the ledger and make sure that I was actually booked into my room.  I noticed a strange trio entering the inn and presumed these were the people I was to accompany at request of-

Don’t you dare say my name, you know what will happen.

Yes yes, sorry.  Well, they approached me first, seeming to take some interest in my appearance and name, no idea why.

I know why.

Well of course you do, you know everything.  Where was I?  Ah yes, we sat and chatted before meeting with our mutual friend who had requested my presence through his own channels when the strangest thing happened.  I saw a rainbow light outside the window, even stranger was that it appeared to bestow upon me the appearance of godliness.  After that moment everyone at the table sat and couldn’t believe that they were witnessing a true god.

Wait… you… oh this is priceless.

I’m not sure I’m entirely comfortable with the idea of being a god, but if they wish it so then I suppose it must be.  After I was bestowed with this blessing a squirrel hopped onto the window.  The druid started making some strange squeaking sounds.  Apparently the squirrel wanted us to follow it to meet with someone.

You should not have gone there.  Now she knows we conspire.

I didn’t know that at the time!  Well, when we went there we were met by the strangest thing, a character from a game known as Castles and Crusaders.  It seemed impossible to me, this was a man of fiction, not fact.

Stranger things exist in the world, such as your apparent lack of dying.

You can be horrible sometimes you know.  Anyhow, it turned out that this wasn’t him at all, but in fact the very source of the corruption itself.  It goaded us, but thankfully the apparent leader of the group had prepared a magic circle of defense ahead of time and banished the foul thing.  Upon its return, it continued to goad us, trying to gauge our skill, though thankfully, with my excellent bluff of summoning a greater demon, the corruption backed down.  It claimed boredom, but I think we all know that it was in fact scared of my threats.

… I’ve made a pact with a moron.


Day 5 & 6 – Tempest:

It seems that no matter where we go, this shadow is always at our backs…..and down the throat of our allies. With the use of our items – gifts from the Old Gods it seems – we discard of whatever was cursing the poor woman. A curious thing really, how all these threads are intertwining and we find ourselves at the center of the pattern forming. Perhaps destiny truly did bring us to these items? If my visions are anything to go by……

Good to know I wasn’t actually crazy as a child when I first saw them.

The following day, we were to meet at the college and deliver our lectures. Little did we know, the person leading us in these talks was a curious visitor. I’m not entirely sure he is affiliated at all with the college… fact, I’m certain he is not. The Dean had no clue and this man was, well, let’s just say that for the first time in perhaps years I had my hackles up. How did he know so much about us and how did he manage to find my tribe?

I can categorically tell you, I do not trust this man.

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