The Weekly Bulletin

Catch up on our games from the eyes of the players themselves!


The Deranged and Caffeine Infused Lyrical Stylings of Professor Quartzman

The doctor is sick. The priest confused is he at war with love? Does he love war? Does he protect the love of War or the war on love? Why we taking cues from the guy with the granddaughter he could have gone to school with? Diesel beans, ley-line biscotti and dinosaurs in my house yeah


The Escape – Drezz

This is not prison anymore?!

Drezz is out of the Prison! Drezz is very really happy that Drezz is not in prison anymore! Drezz is now in new prison! New prison smells much better, and there is crab in new prison! Drezz didn’t have Crab in…… more than 10 days! Why does Drezz only have 10 fingers? Note to self, get more fingers. Need to be able to count further.

Drezz has new friends who are here in new prison with Drezz. They are funny. Drezz thinks the cowman doesn’t have a tongue. But he looks tasty! And strong! The Elf looks very funny, has big ears. Drezz has to be careful not to look him in the eyes. Elf is gonna read Drezz thoughts… bad bad bad! Drezz likes the Halfling, Mr. Lowtide. He has a good name. Mr. Lowtide is very handsome. Drezz thinks he will make good Husband for the Rowen-Elf! And the Cat!! Drezz really likes the cat! Mist of Red Sun they call him! Very cute cat! Note to self, pet the cat!!!!

Now….how does Drezz get out of new prison? Looks like a cave! Drezz needs to find a way out of here because of course, Drezz is the brains of the operation! The others won’t make it alone! Drezz got things to do!


Musings of Ouro Boros

Today tests were given, some failed, but enough passed to squeak by. I cannot do this alone, this group is going to have to become something greater than its parts if we are to persevere. I have tried to aid those who sought it. It is clear from the cabin that each of us has our place and our uses, and some of the tests at least, are made with our talents in mind. This means we must worry about more than ourselves. At least until this is over. I entered into this for the challenge and the glory like many others, it is not my desire to lead, though it is in my nature and possibly my blood. It may be time to begin inroads toward this purpose to form a proper unit before the less..capable among us are picked off.


Day 5 – Monty:

Father brought a curious bunch to me; I feel they underestimate his cleverness. I also believe he understood I would step forward for the chance to adventure. I adore him more than I can say. I wonder if my own father was like him. A kindly man who encouraged my lessons and studies, who gave me the world. My life is owed to him.

These people…are curious. Another Genasi, air in nature is friendly enough. She was excited about my gifts, my tattoos, and seemed to be willing to embrace the abnormal. For that, I welcome her company in future events.

The gnome is unsettled. There is very little harmony within her. She seems to be constantly looking over her shoulder, guarded. It is a hard lesson she must learn, however, I hope I can help if she will allow it. Small beings are just as powerful as their counterparts. I have faith in her to see that.

The Tiefling is quiet. Perhaps she is observant…but she has an odd little friend. I’m not sure what to make of it. If it brings her joy, then who am I to deny that? I hope to know her better. I believe patience is key here. A worshiper of the Old Ones, she and I have that in common.

The Halfling is clever. I suppose that is their nature. However, surprising Ana is an alright thing in my book. Perhaps he and I can exchange stories of mischief at a later date. I feel he and I can work together. He and the Yiefling’s odd friend, an air genie familiar from further observations, seem to have a curious relationship, one I want to observe further. They could strengthen it and utilize it well.

I hope I can serve them, as my new companions. Adventure awaits us all now. My lessons continue, in this brave world we set ourselves in. A strong as the mountains I am named after, I am firm in my surroundings and resolute in my resolve.

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