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Diary of Marshall Keolith Nola of Fair Harbour:

If more people had strong brains like me we would have defeated the corruption long ago. Instead, people only think about revenge, emotions and other useless things.

Today after harvesting delicious construct-meat for Dragon and dangerous chemicals for Krieg, Glory and I set off to find the rest of our companions. We were surprised to see that the cowardly bard had not run away to safer places. When I told her this she responded with empty threats and a foul-tasting bean; an odd reaction, she must be defective.

The group split up again with Glory and I going to find this so-called “Black Market” while the others went to Throgan’s. Some flirting, threats and an impotent god of love later and we had access to this secret market stall. Surely hiding it is bad for business. The Drow are strange creatures.

On the topic of strange creatures, we regrouped with our companions and the bard in an empty hospital wing. It was clear that in our absence Krieg had been hard at work while the bard had mated with Throgan. I suppose there is no accounting for taste.

We encountered the Olo child shortly after; she was petulant as usual. She wants us to raise an army of orcs and use it to threaten the Olo leadership so they tell her why her friend died. It is a waste of time, the friend is dead and answers will not change that. We do need an army, however, so we will help her on the condition that it is mine and Glory’s, not hers. Whether she intends to stick to our agreement is irrelevant as I have no intention of threatening our potential Olo allies. Should she stand in our way she will be dealt with like any other obstacle. The surface is a dangerous place after all and I will not allow us to compromise our mission because a sulking child lost her friend.



  • She once ate a man’s face because she was angry.
  • She owns a very valuable trinket of the Ratfolk.
  • She beat a whole band of sailors in a drinking contest.
  • Her mother threw her out because she ate a book.
  • She hasn’t ever met her father, and she resents him a lot, but would never say it out loud.

Still Water

  • He has not spoken a word to anyone since being placed in the prison.
  • No one has seen him eat anything, though he has drank water on occasion.
  • He and his master went on a killing spree and it took over a dozen guards to kill one and this one is the one that managed to survive.
  • He does not speak because his tongue was cut out in punishment.
  • The reason no one has seen him eat is because the guards feed him dead prisoner flesh quietly during lights out.

Lyle Lowtide

  • He once had a partner for his act in his traveling entertainment band. Something terrible happened when they were boarded by Pirates in the night – and his partner was taken by them. He has not been the same since.
  • He was swallowed by a giant fish and spent a month in its gullet before he escaped.
  • He once suffered a terrible injury while they were boarded by Pirates. He fought bravely, but in the end his best friend was taken from him, as he was left unconscious with most of the crew.
  • He woke up one morning in the middle of the ocean, on a small raft that his crew put him on. He swam miles to get back to his ship. It is the initiation for his entertainer group.
  • His entertaining ship troupe once fought off an entire Kraken and suffered no casualties!

Rowen Aerie

  • They are the first of their kind and was created rather than born.
  • They were nearly assassinated while in service to the King of the Twin Shires.
  • They know royal secrets that only the King knows. Particularity about his private ambitions.
  • They were raised by wolves who still recognize them as as a member of their pack.
  • They are always naked when they wild shape as clothing hinders their transformation.

Mist of Red Sun

  • He is a bastard. His father only adopted him out of kindness and generosity.
  • He was given a teaching job at the university to keep him from causing trouble and messing with his Father’s ‘delicate’ diplomatic missions.
  • The burn mark that runs down the left side of his face was the result of some arcane experiments that went awry and blew out a whole section of The College of Antiquities.
  • He caused a war between two otherwise friendly tribes of Orcs by inadvertently telling one leader that the other had called him a beef-witted ape.
  • His mother was visited by one of the old gods and lives on to serve him/her/they/it directly on wherever the path has led her.



The Journal of Suhn’Vel Stellar

The first real challenge has been bested, but with far too many close calls for my own taste. With this band of members, I am constantly reminded why I always worked alone for Lady Amana. Truthfully I believe that most of these foolish dastards will be the death of me, the only one I can actively rely on is Ouro. But even he seems to have his own motives separate from the group.

I believe these people have forgotten that we are here on a mission to pass through the Conclave Arena in order to Assassinate the bastard king. And yet here they all are seeking either personal fun or glory like a bunch of attention seeking whores.

Maybe I am seeing all of this in a bad light though. Maybe my past betrayals are what cloud my own vision of my companions. I know that getting into this arena will require each and every one of us to work together. I just hope that the others will figure that out soon. Otherwise, we may all be killed…or worse.

I believe that this needs to be wrapped up though. The next room is prepared and the fire is dimming. Knowing that we still have a puzzle room and a fighting room left to go through, it would be wise to rest. But for Lady Amana, and for my companions, I pray to the gods that we can all live through this together.

The Shattered Gods

Sear and the Past

The last few days have been pretty eventful.
The day before yesterday I had a “friendly” chat with a guy possessed by the Sun Demon, who told me that some of the things I craft might turn people into weird…people, with their bodies covered in synth hexagons. Since I craft for a living (or at least I used to), that was devastating news.
Afterwards, the vessel was killed by the Sun Demon himself Arthur’s living room (it’s a rather long story). A few seconds later, another guy knocks on the door. Said person has more half of his body covered in metal and, as soon as he got in, Tegan’s earring disappeared from her ears and reappeared attached to the new guy’s ears.
That was quite weird (in an interesting kind of way).
After a while Sear started craving for a sandwich and, since we had nothing to do for once, we followed him.
After that me, the new guy and Tegan were recruited in into a secret information network and we were taken to their main building.
While The Madam was talking to us, Yvette and Arthur’s senses got switched and, as soon as we looked out of the window, we saw that the same thing had happened to most in the nearby market.
We followed the ball that was responsible for the sense-swapping and, after defeating the creature that had originated it, The Madam’s senses were swapped with the ones from a brain in a jar.
Then I had to herd all these sense-swapped people to the nearest clinic where myself and Tegan successfully reversed Arthur and Yvette’s senses.
Turns out the jar wasn’t actually a jar but “the biggest repository of knowledge in the world” and, after persuading said jar, we were able to swap back Madam’s senses as well.


Diary of Flowering Star (Zenxis Amastacia)

“I haven’t ridden my broom in quite some time. It was a bit awkward, and even more so when I was carrying Tofur. I realize I don’t quite have a trick for every situation – because in that fight, it seemed there was very little I could do. Balkas and the Firbolgs have very wondrous summoning magic, it was impressive to see him control all of his critters. I guess I haven’t been in that kind of fight in quite some time. I am lucky to have some powerful friends and allies on my side, and hopefully, my other skills will be useful to the group so I am not a hindrance to them. Kevlannen really has turned into a great leader. To be able to rush into the Leyline magic like that… I haven’t seen anyone do that since I was traveling with the Green Knight. It seems he really is more like his father than he may ever want to believe.”


Day 5 – Jezza:

So… I lost my camel, Cammelle… tragic. I had to ride with Tempest, and of course, I named her camel Humphrey. I don’t even know if this camel is a male but it’s now Humphrey. The ride was a little bit ‘er- odd … I mean I was trying to learn “speak with dead” off of some sheet music, on the back of a camel with people I don’t know well, there’s a small scarf dangling near me with fingers and ears salvaged from a fire, whilst we are on our way to try and keep an insane bird from ending the world. Oh yeah, and lest we forget the socially odd and strange professor. Does this sound like the rantings of a mad person? Once we got to the gate there were 2 mechanical centurions, I call ‘em Mordecai and Jabidah- Ya know, I’m re-reading what I’ve written and this reads like I’mma crazy delusional gnome. If ya wanna confirm that these are TRUE facts then scry it,

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