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Research Notes of Dr. S. Kennley:

Such a clever gnome. I knew I liked him the moment I met him. He figured out the riddle of the Banshee. Clear mind, knowledgeable, and worthy of greatness. I applaud his newly appointed Professorship from Iraena. I am glad even she can see greatness from such a narrowed sight. I admit I admire her to some degree; however, I believe she deeply underestimates those beneath her. In a way, Iraena has a way to go on her own journey, however, small steps are still momentum forward.

I also have eyes on a rather fantastic dagger with a soul tied to it. I know the dear Professor may hate me for it, however, I believe it better in my hands. The monk may disapprove. A bit of cleverness on my end, a bit of persuasion, and the charm of a bard will be at play here. I want that dagger. However, with caution. Reckless isn’t wholly my nature, but I am very determined.

The monk girl…her secrets bother me to some degree. I understand we each have them, however…Her past is going to explode outwards and it will affect more than just herself. I hope she understands the bigger picture, whatever it is. She also lost me my cooking pot to a smithy who used it as trade for armor for her…pet. My father had given it to me on our trip together back home. I had seasoned this pot for 50 years…and it was lost to me in a matter of moments. However, the Smithy was kind enough to craft me another pot. A much better one. I suppose it is the thought that counts.
The reactions from the Professor, our dear employer, and the monk over the creation of a zombie was…curious. Testing the waters is fun. Now to try with the others. I’ll most likely use the title they’ve dubbed me, “The Good Doctor”, however, I doubt much is good about me anyways.


Arika’s Journal Entry:

This is not how I imagined this to go. The wild, the savages, all these weird things we get to see…. I expected underdeveloped savages with weird beliefs, sure, but I didn’t expect those weird beliefs to come to life and try to kill me.

I am unsure about my role in this place. The others seem to adapt to this madness way faster than me, and I was told the mad one was ME. They are so quick to ditch the raven queen’s teachings.

The last fight put a damper on my confidence. This scar on my cheek is a reminder of my fails and shortcomings… Seems like years of torturing creatures that don’t retaliate have made me weak. Also, people seem to not buy my “cute and harmless” charade out here… I wonder if I should just resort to force to speed things up.

I just want to finish this mission up and return to the capital. If this continues, I am gonna die out here… or turn madder still…

But I promise one thing… when we get back to the capital, the first thing I do, I rat these heretics out… I am so looking forward to torturing these heretics gnihihihi…”

The Shattered Gods

Sear and his History

Who is this person who has so much information on all of our pasts? I thought I had left most of mine behind me. It would be a lie if I were to say I was not very worried – my life before the explosion was very different than it is now. It seems like the other two were more outwardly affected by what was on their dossier than myself at least. For now, I’ll keep playing along; until the status quo changes.

I’m pleased that I found more pieces to my bible. I’m hoping they may contain some key information. If it was just part of the mundane, it seems as though I may have made a terrible mistake. A piece of Palladium that I have fused with my flesh seems to have given The Jester some sort of… control… over my body. Hopefully, I can do something about this.

However, it seems like he’ll leave me be because I had full control during the fight against the fluid monster made of small reflective spheres. I felt nearly useless there. It seems like I did a good thing following this particular team into action. They seem strong. Surely they will lead me to more missing pieces.


Day 3:

Having connected with the God of her homeland, Kyrella was able to help the group to obtain a pearl from her God, Bakanuwa, by providing a personal gift.

“I do not have much, oh Bakanuwa, but please take my gift. My last bond with my family.”

This pearl provided visions to Tempest, visions of the past that she shares with the group.

As the group was leaving, a large supernatural sandstorm manifests, bringing some harm to members of the expedition. In the flames of the bonfires and the winds of sand, Kyrella and Tempest see a figure haunting the footsteps of Sandcarver.

“What has Sandcarver done? Has he harmed others?”

Tempest and Kyrella discover a dwarven skeleton that had been hidden beneath the waters of the oasis. With the help of the sand, the group buries the long-dead Dwarf in a consecrated grave. With a final “SANDCARVER” moaned into the winds, the storm dies down and the spirit lies in peace.

Sandcarver informs the group of his family ties to the sand and how it is his bane. He spins the tale of how he has attempted to use his life for good and to make up the mistakes of his ancestors.

“We should never be held to the mistakes of our ancestors, but it seems the sands see nothing more than the blood of the Sandcarvers.”

Tempest uses the pearl to scry Salazahr but instead discovers that Salazar had created a Herald of Chaos, an Assimar who reigns terror and chaos upon Salazar’s enemies.

“If Salazar can twist a creature of the angels and attempt to turn himself into a Kenku, whatever else would he be capable of? We must do what we can to stop him and this sundered god of Chaos!”

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