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Research Notes of Dr. S. Kennley:

The Banshee responded well to my skill within the Mourning College. I found it interesting a being such as this would still favor music, even in the undead state she resides in. Perhaps there is more to this, and perhaps it will solve the riddle of the Corruption. Necromancy is a dangerous tool; however, even I must admit my skills could be placed to use here. I wonder if it reaches beyond just this, however…I digress.

Coming back to my notes here. A curious occurrence happened. The previously presumed dead party I was told about has returned. A bit boorish, however, they can hold their own against magically summoned dinosaurs. Two dinosaurs are currently in a Portable Hole as chickens – A clever use of both resources and spells on my behalf and a gnome I found myself fond of immediately. Oddly, I found myself striving to win their approval. Oddly, I found myself feeling alive for once in a very long time.


Badu’s Journal Entry:

This place continues to run hot and cold with madness and hope. We found ourselves poisoned and left tied to trees by a village elder called Big Mama who was not as she appears. A spirit? A demon? A goddess? Unknown. Beyond us as much of this is. We were questioned, I gave answers just as we were taught explaining our royal right in the name of the king to demand taxes. The imposter who calls himself a Doctor has ruined relations here for all of us. We have a steep hill to climb…but when it was done and we were tested in some heathenistic ritual. I have to say, I was touched by what the vision revealed to me. My faith has flickered, faltered, and died along with my Felecia…but this vision was of a man I could have been, one who cared for the world and those around him, one who had life and love within. It sickened me to know how low I have fallen but gave me a feeling that perhaps there is a way to come back. To rejoin the living…to survive for more than the sake of survival. My breath is but the ticking of a clock that could end at any moment. I long for something more…if I can just live long enough to understand.


Musings of Falriel the Fabulous:

The big town sure is interesting. There are so many people here, of all races, and so much stuff to learn! Who would have imagined that people here eat dead animals? So silly! And this arena thing is intriguing. I am still not sure why Auntie Titania sent me here, but I am just happy showing everyone my music. My new friends look fun! I wonder how many carrots I can fit under the dwarf’s armor until he notices… hehe. And the other bard is so pretty, I just wanna cuddle her. So adorable! But I really wish I had a reasonable person to talk to, like a pixie, or a Faun! It feels weird, being alone with all these strange people! Well, at least the audience seems to enjoy what we were doing. I guess there are people of culture here as well. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

The Shattered Gods

Teagan and her Anxiety

The buzz and business from the Art district sandwich shop is a static background compared to Tegan’s anxious mind. Racing thoughts barely complete themselves as her “companion” ate his sandwich, looking dissatisfied with his selection.

Why did he go to Arthur’s home? What brought him there? Will I ever get my earrings back? Why is he still with us? What does he want?

Sear sits his half-eaten sandwich back down, defeated, the pattern of her earrings engraved distinctly into the side of his head, reminding her of his rushed introduction. Tegan’s body tenses again.

What am I going to tell my sister when I see her again? If I see her again. I may never get to see any of them again if I’m outed as an Apostate. I’ll spend the rest of my life hiding in alleyways, starving, invisible to everyone.

The man who stole her earrings stands, looming over Tegan as she flinches, and heads outside drawing a cigarette from his pocket. McMarvin follows in silence, and Tegan shadows him.

Not to mention if the Aegeris family hears of this. If Mitzal was right they’ll all know. There will be nowhere to hide from them, nowhere to run. They’ll tell my mother and sister. They’ll hate me.

Tears well up in Tegan’s eyes, and she sees a blurred outline of a man gesturing towards the group with three envelopes for each of the three people.


Fireside thoughts of Zenxis Amastacia aka. Flowering Star:

It was glorious being reunited with Kevlannan. We haven’t seen each other in decades – since we were still young. To me, it feels closer to part of a lifetime; I sometimes still can’t believe how little time has passed here compared to the time it felt like I spent in the Feywild after the Leyline explosion. He married Nerivaris- I can’t believe it! It seems like yesterday we were running around playing in the forest. The three of us and the twins, who would all play games through the night; no one else wanted to be around Kevlannan. He really has grown into his own now, but I noticed he still is uncomfortable at the mention of his father. I hope to help him understand the importance of what the Green Knight is doing one day. But for now, one last lullaby this night, to see if I can keep us dry from this torrential weather until morning. – FS


Day 1:


Tempest has been riding high on her curiosity and urge to travel paths she has never seen. As such, she has not been questioning why they are meeting Professor Sandcarver for the first time, nor the potentially dangerous tasks they have been asked to do. His relationship with the sand and the fact that it MOVES for him has her very curious but she is much too polite to ask too many questions…at the moment. In her mind, it is just another fascinating thing to learn about the people who live in the desert (and potentially knowledge to use later on). She enjoys working with this team and looking forward to getting to know them all better – and perhaps taking notes on their habits and idiosyncrasies. The return of Salazhar is not worrying he…yet. For the time being, she is mostly wondering what it is that drove him to act as he has in cutting off his wings as that is a devastating act to an Aarakocra.


I’m suspicious of this dwarf “professor”, he knows so much more about the two guys that died in his shed, that dig site, AND those cursed bugs. If he thinks I’m gonna risk my life for some flippin’ money with out question he’s wrong. If he wants MY assistance he best pony up ALL info and set me at ease.


“This foreign land may be the death of me, but I’m sure going to have a strange and wonderful time!”

Kyrella mockingly told herself as she watched the evil bug twist and turn into a black feather. Being here in the homeland of her Genie, Mezi, Kyrella was on a do or die quest. If she was ever to return home, she NEEDED to find her family heirloom. She sighed and turned back to her sleeping quarters.

“At least I get to set things on fire”

Day 2:

After eventually setting off into the desert wastes and heading towards the archaeology dig, the group knew Salazahr had likely been there and…caused trouble. For many, this was a worry and gave people pause but Tempest is still mostly happy to be traveling and to be working. It excites her to be working this closely with Professor Sandcarver as Tempest holds him in high regard and treats him with respect (as her employer but also being inspired by his knowledge). Upon reaching the temple and finding the various artifacts, she has felt a whole range of emotions – thanks to less than ideal rolls! – Terrified by the blood pools and dark voids, plagued by whispers but mostly fascinated by the evidence of the worship of the Old Gods and The Sundered One. It seems that they are on the right track and this is all Tempest needs to know. For Science!!

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