NPC Spotlight – Iraena Zurae – The Broken Forest

NPC Spotlight takes a snapshot from the life of current NPCs from the Lab’s various campaigns.

Today: Irena from Sunday’s Broken Forest.

Report Number: Edu-P856-#87
Report Date: 4th Tarsakh 1472 DR

Observational Conclusions:

It is in our best interest to keep the child within our ranks regardless of her physical and social capabilities. With only a brief amount of study, she was able to pick up spell-casting, although from her bloodline she does not come from any sorcerous origins. Her mental capabilities are far superior to her peers but as evolution would dictate, she has little in the way of natural physical capabilities Her aptitude tests for field study were below par, owing to her lack of athleticism. Her frustration at these failed marks against her record has forced through new personality traits. She’s far more determined to get what she ‘deserves’ and has filled the school infirmary with those that would challenge her, superior’s included. Her aptitude for destruction and violence should be applauded, but the lack of focus and control overshadow any actions.

Due to her volatility surrounding her education, we have created a reprogramming project to train her behaviors in a more conducive manner, in line with basic Reward Affirmation theory. Metal trinkets are used as apparel markers for achievements, thus creating an always visible record of attainment. During initial testing, this provided a framework for a much larger scale experiment within the program for multiple subjects. Conclusions will be filed in a separate report but the scheme has proven effective so far and within our subject also a considerable change in attitude. Although she remains focused on study, her physical education has been restricted by her own request and at the point of this report, is still attending classes.

We have limited her study to humanities at the current time. Brief emotional outbursts still remain and she remains a threat to her current aptitude for spell-casting. It is recommended that when her behavioral reprogramming is completed, she be fast-tracked through the appropriate channels to maximize her potential. This also leads me to conclude that she would not be a viable candidate for Serum Testing. Although at an appropriate age, her abilities could prove disastrous if containment is breached.

On an interpersonal level, she has yet to fully mature. Due to many instances of verbal and psychological abuse by her classmates she has become hardened yet lacking flexibility and understanding. She has valued relationships and socializing even less now under the new program, although we believe this to be a variance within the individual and not conducive to the program and theory as a whole.  Her tutors have reported her to be abrasive and self-centered yet lacking the weight necessary. Conditioning has failed to remove these traits and provides a black mark on her record.

ADD: It has come to my attention that a group of initiates has arrived outside the usual recruitment process. Due to their natures and subsequent reports; it is apparent that although they can provide a substantial physical presence, they are lacking direction and subsequently providing inefficient responses to assignments. Handlers have started to refuse work with them.  Our subject has also been rejected by some of her tutors. My updated recommendation is to continue her education and social / behavioral reprogramming while engaging this group as Handler. This will not only provide her an opportunity to develop in multiple faculties but would also allow for the initiates to be restricted to assignments outside of normal operations both parties can handle and any subsequent emotional outburst from our subject and their consequences on the initiates will not need to be documented.

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