NPC Spotlight: Talyle’ene – The Broken Forest

NPC Spotlight takes a snapshot from the life of current NPCs from the Lab’s various campaigns.

Today: Talyle’ne from Thursday’s Broken Forest.

As the report dropped to the table, smiles crept across the lips of everyone who had gathered. There was unrest in the city of Donragh, something exploitable. The nobles were as stuck in their beliefs as the Yuirwood Elves. The Queen’s push for change in the city had polarized her citizens. Most followed her as cattle usually do but the older generations were not so keen to lose their traditions and long-standing values.

The puppets for this mission were brought onto the table as figurines on a board. Commissioner Gyrdom Kurzak, quick to act and anger, all while suppressing his racial bias. Lord Belgrudain Turabal, a dissident against the crown and a man who holds sway among the Dwarven nobility. His son Borolo, a student at the institute. Two employees of said institute, Professor Gwinnis Durthek, a spokesperson and Theoguan, a night watchman.  Lord Throgan Aenfal was then placed on the table, he was a man known for his reputation as the Queen’s cousin and his darker complexion is reportedly similar to that of the Dwarves’ lay crazed kin. Lady Chessintra Arkenviir, an envoy of the Drow Empire, looking into the kidnappings of fellow Drow by Dwarves.  Daugaonar her bodyguard and the most important of all to be placed, Talyle’ene, agent of the Vrael Olo.

What was to come would require planning, timing and intricate choreography. A rhythmic precision that could  be seen through or disrupted. The Dwarven cell was lacking direct leadership that only a Drow could provide. The situation  in the city would require manipulating for a Drow to walk free among the Dwarves. Contact with their city was already being planned by the council of nobles and the possibility of Chessintra becoming a permanent envoy was already in the works. All the Vrael Olo needed to do was for  her to be replaced by a Vrael Olo agent. This agent would be installed as her handmaiden so that the Succession of Authority would hand her Chessintra’s position. An agent in the guise of a diplomat would afford many unique and possibly vital opportunities for the continuation of the Vrael Olo in Donragh.

The plan was simplified as follows to eliminate as much variance as possible:

  • Talyle’ene will be installed as Chessintra’s handmaiden.
  • Lord Turabal would be manipulated into organizing the murder of Chessintra. His greed and desire to see the Queen dethroned would be utilized in order to persuade him. He would be told that hat Chessintra’s death will destabilize the Queen’s tolerance policies and her leadership will be easy to attain. In exchange, Talyle’ene would receive Chessintra’s position without reprimand and that if she was to be exposed, she could use diplomatic immunity to escape Dwarven Justice.
  • He will most likely turn to those that owe him favors or those who are under his sphere of influence. Professor Durthek would be the most viable candidate, due to her connection with his son and would most likely result in an alchemical solution to the murder. We will programme cognative priming into the initial discussion to encourage this behaviour.We belive an airborne poison will be the most likleyist outcome.
  • Talyle’ene would offer to deliver the vehicle for the assassination to Chessintra. To maximise the effect, the vehicle will be time delayed, thus avoiding any confrontation with the bodyguard, Daugonar.
  • During such period, Turabal will be invited to the scene, where he will be actively seen by Daugonar, thus placing him as the scene of the crime. Talyle’ene will confess to being manipulated by him to the authorities, stating her innocence by delivering the ‘vehicle’ and confirming Turabal’s whereabouts.
  • Through the Dwarven agents within the city, events will be manipulated so that Turabal is found guilty of murder and to either be executed or indefinitely incarcerated.
  • As the agent proven innocent, she will attain the rank of her superior.  She will be given access to flow of information to and from Donragh to Erendlyn, access to the Dwarven nobles who will be leaderless,and access to resources to support the Dwarven cell and to expand its influence within the city.
  • Unless there is outside interfeareance, a contingency which details have been documented later in this report, this above methodology will be employed…


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