LabWork News: Announcing Patreon & A New Numenera Campaign

Welcome to the first edition of LabWork. Our update for everything that we do here at the lab from events to new campaigns and giveaways. You’ll always be the first to know about what’s going on here but there is another way…time travel…aka Patreon.

We’re now on Patreon

Greetings potential investor.
We here at The RPG Lab have been investigating and analysing what makes good table-top role-playing experiences for more than two years. We have invested hundreds of hours into system theory and experimentation, from the classical D20 theory of Dungeons and Dragons & Numenera to the more granular hypothesis of other systems such as Call of Cthulhu.

The RPG Lab is dedicated to bringing our latest findings into a practical media format. We live-stream our research currently three times a week, with archived broadcasts stored in the cloud. We also publish our findings and white paper documents over on our website for the public to digest our research in any format they choose.

We are, as ever, looking for potential opportunities to expand our research, facilities and breadth of knowledge. From financing our overheads to purchasing better assets, we will turn your investment into new opportunities, new avenues to follow and more importantly, high-quality content.

We hope you’ll consider becoming an investor and help the future of The RPG Lab.

Follow the link here.

New Show: Otranto – Cypher System / Numenera

We also have a new show called Otranto set in a homebrew setting within the Numenera universe using the Cypher System. Like all our campaigns, Otranto has a dark twist and this time it’s the setting theme. We’re using a Germanic gothic and cyberpunk aesthetic taking inspirations from various dystopian futures and gruesome folk tales.

We’re  known for testing out new systems and homebrewing, so welcome a customised Stars Without Numbers Faction Turn. The city of Otranto is a living world that the players will have to master to survive. Deals are made and broken, favours traded for coin or blackmail and defiance met with violence and death. Factions will fight for control and supremacy which you can follow on Faction Turns on Saturdays. You can find out more information about the new show tomorrow at 19:00 BST over on Twitch to catch Episode 0 or read below and follow the link to read all about the setting Otranto and its factions.

Ignorance and fear are two well documented and easily exploitable attributes of the human psyche. Myths of monsters of the sewers, people were taken by shadow and the Undercroft syndicate are all things that could strike terror into the heart men women and children on the outer rings of the city. The central tiers, on the other hand, had guards and education. The stupid and wealthy had protection and the learned knew better than to believe folk tales or to be easily intimidated…(read more)

Remember to catch Otranto on Wednesdays at 19:00 BST. Follow on Twitter for all the latest news & head to Youtube to catch previous episodes and other shows! Don’t forget you can also join our community over on Discord and support the Lab via Patreon. We look forward to rolling dice with you soon, just remember your security pass!

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