Case Reports: EP.3 – Fade to Grey

Case Reports show the mental state of our intrepid investigators. Some prefer to write letters, others diaries or even shorthand notes. You’ll be able to get inside their heads and start to begin to understand the horrors that lie within. Don’t forget to catch D.O.S.A Mondays at 18:30 on Twitch :

André Lefebvre

Two days ago, I received a message from my former colleague of DOSA Pr. Montgomery. He wanted my help to solve some weird children disappearances in my dear neighbourhood of Barking. I only agreed to a meeting because the clues he gave me seem to point towards a fae incident. My last encounter with these monsters was pretty brutal and traumatising so only me, of all people, was the only local contact competent in that domain.

Our rendezvous was at the Mercer Art Galler, which has an impressive collection of French paintings. I should send a letter to congratulate the person in charge of such a great taste. I also met Rose, another charming member of DOSA.

After hearing their worries, I decided to help them and we headed to the nearest police station to inquire about ‘Doc’ a poor old homeless chap that I saw near the school my school and the children. I was not concerned about his potential danger but I thought he might know some suspect people of the area. The police had not seen him around for quite some time as his beloved favourite card box had been burned. However, they informed us that most of the homeless people gathered at Hilltops Burial Grounds.

Heading towards that location, we encountered a strange man with an eerie colourless dog with yellow eyes: I recognised instantly the ‘Devil’s Dog’ that have been frightening East London for aeons. I am not one to be shied away easily but a horrible aura was surrounding it. Pr. Montgomery decided to test a stupid theory of his and threw a rusted jagged shovel at the dog instead of running away from it. A catastrophe followed.

Black. Darkness. Whispers.

I woke up dazed and confused under a bridge. Without a dime.
My mind still melting and boiling with fright, I decided to look for the nearest police station then headed towards Hilltops Burial Grounds.

There, the Professor had a bleeding injury but Rose seemed unharmed. Doc was here too. Looking like worse than most homeless I’ve seen. His mood was so unstable that we had to go through his meagre belongings to get answers. He kept saying ‘The Painter’ over and over. I think we’ll have to look for who that could be.

I don’t like these incidents. There are too many coincidences with other cases abroad.
But we will keep looking for answers. I’m getting too involved again. I swore I wouldn’t go back.

At least, I could taste again that perfumed Pernand-Vergelesses that they still keep at the Society’s Lodge. Such a great wine. A perfect alliance of Chardonnay and Pinot blanc. A majestic dryness compensated by unequalled floral aromas. Grandiose.

Montgomery Wilmington-Smythe

This investigation is proving more trouble than it’s worth. If it’s going to involve dealing with such obstinate law enforcement, and dashing from one end of the city to the other all day I’ll be glad to see the back of it. While it’s been good to see Andre again, I hate to bring him into it all. Especially considering what manner of entity we appear to be dealing with here.

If one good thing may come of it, I hope to make allowances for this homeless fellow, the man they call ‘Doc’. I don’t know what they’ve done to him in that hellish place, but he cannot be left on his own in such an intermittent state of mind. Someone must look after him.

Roze Tizard

6th January 1993


Spoke to Prof’s friend Librarian about disappearances. Did not want to help but no way out now. Joined investigation. Hypnotist still missing. Discovered man named Dac/Doc may be involved.


Spoke to police about disappearances. Dac and doc different people. Dac rapist, Doc homeless man, very simple. Selling prescriptions to children. Did he see something? Going to speak to Doc in the woods.


Found the Beast attempting to take man in an alley. Prof skewered it. It howled and Prof and Librarian disappeared. Cowards. Pulled man out and calmed him down. Gave him to passing policeman. Going to forest now. Hope Prof and Librarian will be there.


Found forest eventually, found Prof and Doc. Doc crying then laughing then crying. Prof comforted him and hugged him. Prof has soft side? Doc eventually ran screaming about a “painted man”. Need to learn more. Going to school and speaking to art teacher next. Maybe Hypnotist will be back by then. Might be less cowardly.

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