Case Reports: EP.2 – Fade to Grey

Case Reports show the mental state of our intrepid investigators. Some prefer to write letters, others diaries or even shorthand notes. You’ll be able to get inside their heads and start to begin to understand the horrors that lie within. Don’t forget to catch D.O.S.A Mondays at 18:30 on Twitch :

James Blackadder

This letter is clearly written in a much shakier hand than the previous three

So Monty and Rose keep talking about Faeries and I don’t know what they are but oh god. Oh god something happened today. I don’t know what it was, and I can’t think about that right now. I can’t.

First things first we are looking for that friend? Of Monty’s daughter, so we go up to Monty’s stomping grounds he said something about “Of course she didn’t find anything in that sty they call a  University” We went to the library right? There was something wrong with the doorman, I don’t know what happened, he was a dick yes and I tried to get him to apologise. Then I am not sure what happened, but something did. … I can see it still and it’s coming for me.

So we went into the records section of the uni right and there was a pretty little thing and I wouldn’t have minded spending some more time with her, but we were on the job and so we spent a little time looking through frankly some awfully dull pieces of news but at least Monty seems to have got some information from it. So then it came time to try the famous library the doorman from earlier though … there was something in his ear and now it has seen me and it knows me.

The library seems to have some defence and despite the old boys claims to having been a boxing champ he seemed to go down like a chump. The doorman listened to my instructions but last I saw was the … thing and look I know I am sounding crazy but I swear I saw it climb onto my watch and burst. I know it will remember and I know they want me now.



Montgomery Wilmington-Smythe

: It seems this case will be somewhat more involved than I had previously anticipated. At this point I’m unsure if the girl we’re looking for is Patricia’s daughter at all, or if she just wanted the case pawned off on someone else. Nonetheless, I’ll accomplish what she failed at.

Dunnett at the library seems a little out of sorts at present. Blackadder has some suspicions about him, I’ll have to talk to the lad when we have a quiet moment. For now, though, I must focus on the task at hand. Records suggested an abbey school in Barking as a viable lead, as several children have gone missing from the area. Also one from Ealing, and from some newspaper clippings we gathered it seems some from America. Current evidence suggests either ritualistic, or fae. I’ll have to show the young ones the Dee library if we’re to make progress, I fear.

Roze Tizard

5th Jan 1923

Met Prof and Hypnotist. Prof needs help finding child. Fae? May be able to find V or info. Will help.

Arrived at Prof’s campus. Signed in with library man. How illegal is it to punch an old man? He called me a prostitute. I may have done but there was sudden cows. Some fool let them escape onto the gardens. Told them they’d be dinner if they didn’t follow me. Saved the day. Failed at making the newspaper people like me. Words were all wrong. I’m supposed to interview, not be interviewed. Ran away, now in hall of records. Not in right mind to search. Prof seems to be doing fine.

Prof found lots. Hypnotist and I found nothing. Lots of children missing from Barking Abbey, one from Eeeling September 2nd – Leslie Bellingham – 17 September 19th – Andy Monroe – 16 – Eeling September 30th – Emilié Mathewson – 15 October 22nd – Billy Jarell – 16 – why so much later? Must find out what happened.

Went to John Dee library. Turn cannons on ship in code. Moves statue of Elizabeth. Need signet ring to not die. Prof forgot his. Very nearly died, old fool. Hypnotist ran to get help from Mr. Sexist. Help came but no Hypnotist. Where did he go? Access to DOSA files gained. Time for fun.

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