Case Reports: EP.1 – Fade to Grey

Case Reports show the mental state of our intrepid investigators. Some prefer to write letters, others diaries or even shorthand notes. You’ll be able to get inside their heads and start to begin to understand the horrors that lie within. Don’t forget to catch D.O.S.A Mondays at 18:30 on Twitch :

James Blackadder

Well we can delay going to the colonies I think for just now, after the way new years went I think I might just have finally got my into the London Club Circuit no more dinner parties for me. There were points where it got a little sloppy I confess I think the show could maybe do with a bit of a tweak here and there but I will work out the details when I get a chance. Look before you send a reply grilling me for not getting in touch earlier let me just say I have been working I was with Gunner Moir for the last couple of days my god that man can drink. I do warn you however that I might not be able to do any work for the next couple of days I have the worst of hang overs. Oh also I have finally gotten myself in with that Society of Natural Philosophers lot I was telling you about and I have been given an actual job for them Monty gave me some details we are rescuing some French Woman’s child that Monty knows.

Oh one final moment I know we have been talking about the colonies I think I might have an in with J.A. Wallace he was in fact there at Duke’s and well we seemed to get along so keep your ears open. I guess there is one last thing of note to deal with, that Tizard woman can scrub up. For a farmer she doesn’t do too badly at the whole high society thing maybe an assitant for the future? Have a look into funds for that.



Montgomery Wilmington-Smythe

As I live and breathe, it seems James may be useful for something after all. Meeting Gunner Moir in person was a rare delight, much though I can’t speak much for his taste in some of his other guests. Not to name any names, but Patricia Wright drops the tone of any gathering she gravitates toward and I simply cannot bear to be too long in her company. James’ act at Gunner’s soiree could’ve gone much better, but at the very least Patricia seemed unwilling to let his mistakes disrupt the evening. I thoroughly enjoyed the ambiance of the evening, though at the peak of James’ performance a young lady seemed to be taken ill. This drew my attention to some unusual designs in the club’s architecture, though so enraptured was I with the music and, dare I saw, the drink provided that I neglected to take a closer look. Thankfully, James was provided with a ring of some interesting design which should permit further entrance, so I may yet be able to take a look. It may well be nothing, but in this profession one doesn’t brush off any suspicion as mere paranoia.

Sadly no merriment may last forever, and my enduring high spirits were soured somewhat by receipt of a missive from Ms Wright. Upon meeting she informed me that her daughter had gone missing, presumably to some manner of occult anomaly. Detestable though the woman is the child should not be punished for her relation, so I gallantly accepted her plea for aid. James and Miss Tizard have agreed to help me in my search, and I hope that by means of his contacts throughout town young Blackadder will be able to advance accordingly through the Society. It will also be interesting to see how Miss Tizard deals with greater exposure to the Courts, and if she may be able to garner further leads on her sister’s disappearance. I’ll be keeping Knox’s files open for the time being, as it may occur that my own experiences needs must be added.

Roze Tizard

  • Donna Stevens
    • Hair:Black in short bob
    • Eyes: Hazel
    • Aprox Age: 27
    • Wears thick glasses. Quiet, mysterious. Arrived alone and staying alone. Drinking heavily. Odd looks from others. Not popular? Why? Something she did or something done to her. No one will speak about it.
  • Irvin Hyde
    • Hair: Silver
    • Eyes:Dull grey
    • Aprox age: 55
    • Silver fox. Popular with older ladies. Good sense of humour gains attn of younger too. Men enjoy too. Telling old war stories. Glory, honour etc. Most likely lies to impress. Seems to work. Must take note of technique. May draw in elderly readers for books? Very nice voice. Must help.
  • Joe Chambers
    • Hair: Wavy Red, Mid length
    • Eyes: Emerald green
    • Aprox age: 19
    • Young and wealthy. More money than sense. Impressed by Hyde. Hanging onto every word. Trying to replicate to impress Cox. Failing. Somewhat adorable. Tried to impress with show of money and power. Ordered most costly food. Insulted waiter. Less endearing. Realising failure. Silver Fox has her enthralled. Sulking with food now. At least it’s fancy expensive food.
  • Patricia Wright
    • Hair: Black and v short
    • Eyes: Black
    • Approx Age 45
    • French. Sharp tongue. Sassed Prof effectively. I may have to congratulate her. Maybe ask for tips or dirty info. May prove useful to get further in DOSA. Guest on Hypnotists show. Prof thinks she’s faking. After stage off seemed happy till eyes off her. Now sad. Should I help? Prof fell on face and spilled drink on her. Left angry. Maybe not. Damn you prof. Could have gotten trust.
  •  I forgot his name, I was too busy failing at the flirtery
    • Sex: YES
    • Hair: Brown, long and scruffy. Gorgeous
    • Eyes: Beautiful
    • Age: Young H
    • e’s so charming. And handsome. And attractive. Don’t know why people dislike this stunning specimen of a man Where did he go? I wanted a new years kiss.

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