Case Reports: EP.2 – Bass Rock

Case Reports show the mental state of our intrepid investigators. Some prefer to write letters, others diaries or even shorthand notes. You’ll be able to get inside their heads and start to begin to understand the horrors that lie within. Don’t forget to catch D.O.S.A Mondays at 18:30 on Twitch :

James Blackadder

Well I know I got abit heated in my last missive but it turns out that I was completely wrong. I thought it couldn’t get any worse than being wet and miserable on an island I was utterly wrong because during the course of this evening I managed to sink to new depths of despair. I thought it was bad back in the old days when everyone started going missing from back streets but here, not only have I had to see two bodies, one of them had melted. It sodding melted! That isn’t natural and then Monty, Rose and the old man are rambling about fae things I didn’t understand that is for sure. I am just thankful they managed to get the radio working to get us off this dump. I need you to get me some shows and I think we need to think about getting off this blasted island. Maybe for new year we could make a go at the colonies?



Montgomery Wilmington-Smythe

Well, this was all a waste of time. Whatever nonsense Cooper was getting up to just ended up putting all our lives at risk. Taking us out in that damned storm, smashing up his boat, risking his own grandson! I thought I knew the man better than that.
So the lighthouse generator was a bust. Basement was smashed to pieces, some horrendous fluid spilled everywhere. Doors almost knocked off their hinges. Miss Tizard got a rather nasty burn from inspecting it, and lost a boot. Thankfully we had a bit more luck with the radio, but it conveniently enough it required Cooper’s specific assistance and even then we needed to collect some batteries from his boat. During all the fuss his boy vanished off, and I lost sight of Cooper while we were trying to find him. In my search I found that someone had set up the castle with some macabre assortment of aquatic bones, but between the castle and down to the beach I saw neither hide nor hair of them. Some of the boy’s ‘whales’, whatever they are. Certainly don’t look like whales to me.
All in all, I was glad to get the radio powered back up and call in assistance to get off that accursed rock. Miss Tizard has indeed surprised me, she’s far more practical than I’d given her credit for. With that in mind and her preexisting knowledge of the Courts, I shall have to put in a good word for her with the Society. Young Blackadder doesn’t seem to have taken the stress too well, sadly, but I still have hopes for him. None of us take our first exposure to the true nature of the world particularly well.

Roze Tizard

Searched downstairs. Walls covered in strange sticky goo. Smells of sewage. Thick puddle in basement, went to test, poked and it burned. VERY CORROSIVE, BEWARE. Took skin on thumb and forefinger of right hand off. Doors smashed open again, corrosive leads towards water. Watch nr water and boot in water. Returned, tried to fix generator but crushed beyond repair. Fae giggles here. Dropped torch searching for bastard and stepped in puddle. R.I.P. Right shoe. Left boot will have to make do for now.

Young captian talking to himself while prof. Went out w/ old cap. Talking to invisible friend. Fae. Name of Billy.

Warned old captain. Did not believe me. Billy is old cap’s dead dog, told young captain he got taken by small folk. What a boob. If child talking to dog, has deal been met already? Boy wants dog back, they give dog back, but dead so not really?

Prof and old captain believe we have grey caps, green caps and yellow caps. Unsure on yellow caps, what are they tricking? Are wales tricks? Or dog? This whole mess?

Searched upstairs. Found radio. No batteries. Need from ship. Young captain missing. Old captain ran and also missing. Prof searching island. Hypnotist and I checking building.

Checked basement 1st. Found body in pool. Adult. Ran to get water to wash off and try to save. Came back and Hypnotist is blind. Didn’t believe I was shining torch at him and candle was working. Body too far gone now. Saved hypnotist from losing hand in puddle. Took him to 2nd floor bedroom. Safe on bed, searched around. Found letter to family on mainland. Lighthouse keepers?

Prof returned. Thinks its all a trick by old captain. I am only one making sense here. Went up to look above for others. Went outside in middle of storm. Nearly fell. Of course. I saved the day again. Inside safe.

Radio repaired. Prof contacted mainland. Will be gone at dawn. Would have preferred to fix this but perhaps when more prepared?

Safe at cafe again. More scones. Going to need a lot after that. None for the others.

Days After
Sent lighthouse keepers letter, with note explaining found in lighthouse with no sign of sender. Best wishes and all.

Weeks After
ACCEPTED INTO SOCIETY! TIME TO STUDY. Only base files though. Must work on that.

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