Putting Fair Harbour on the Map


It’s been difficult to really get a grasp on how much has changed. Only a few weeks ago Fair Harbour was isolated, trade was far and few between. We weren’t starving and we weren’t getting sick but we were only barely making it. Now the place is starting to get better, finally. This little seedling of a village is slow growing but hardy.

We lost Hetcher, not to an illness, not to wound but to the damn corruption. That was a heavy blow to me. He was more than someone I looked after, he was a friend. Without logging permission from Yuirwood we wouldn’t have been able to even light a fire but we now have a new lumberjack, although not quite equipped for the task. He only gives me his employee number as a name but he’s a Thaecilian Yuirwood Elf. Second or third generation. Never set foot in the forest before but still carrying the airs and graces of his kin. That was until his leader Quill and the rest of his fellow bureaucrats were moved into that mysterious tavern, well brothel aka. Labella’s. Now betrayed by his employer by shirking his own responsibilities and paperwork, ours has taken quite a liking to an honest day’s work followed by a long stint in the Demon’s Drum.

Oh with mentioning Labella’, two of Esmerelda’s girls moved in. Unnervingly, twins. Cherry and Brandy, although I suspect they aren’t their given names. They seem happy enough and getting away from that unexplainable brothel is probably the best thing for them. And for the single men around here, a welcome distraction. Cherry is now taking tips from Amana in ‘proper’ barmaid etiquette while her sister is now stacking the not so empty shelves of Serenna’s.

I would love to say that the latter was down to Chauntea, my prayers or my direction but Kevlannan and his friend’s jaunt to Donragh proved to be not as of an idiotic of an idea as it would first appear. Nej, Windsweptower’s son in law and (I presume Keolith’s son in law haha) was following the desires of a deceased and ancient dwarven spirit who inhabited an enchanted compass or something. Anyway, both were apparently linked with the royal bloodline so they decided to go to Dranrogh and meet the Queen to find out more about the artefact. They ended up, thanks to Ragbek, getting involved in a political murder investigation. From what I’ve heard, they caught the killer and in response, a weekly trade route and a few items with dwarven enchantments have been sent our way. Serenna is over the moon, but I don’t think it’s because her shelves are full. I think she’s found a new ‘passion’ for baking.

I would have been worried about the specifically dwarven items but I now have two political allies. Along side the trade route, Queen Ironbeard sent us her cousin, Lord Throgan Aenfal. He’s our official representative from Danrogh, a permanent resident and unfortunately part of Varic’s dark past. He won’t say anything but I have not seen them speak a word to each other. In fact, I don’t remember a time where Varic let anyone play music in his tavern let alone sing.  The other is quite unexpected given that Windswept Flower is a complete mystery to me. She is apparently the sister to Cheif Timberrock’s deceased wife. With him off on a ‘quest’ and his daughter too young to take on responsibility for the village, she’s now their temporary leader. I don’t know how long that will last but I pray this is the first sign of peace between these two races and someone who is at least open to discussion.

Peace for Fair Habour is sure to be short-lived, however. I’ve seen bird-like men and women, I mean we have Kyrai in the library but Frobisher is a whole different breed. More bird than man but no bird I’ve seen. No elongated feathers, it looks more like fur. White on the front but back on the back. A yellow neck and orange cheeks buts it’s those back eyes. How am I supposed to take treasury advice from that? What on this plane has this stupid little fellow got to do with how much gold I’m taxing or if I’m getting the proper invoices from local businesses for auditing?

From one newcomer who won’t shut up to one that can’t speak. Jack, well he won’t tell us his real name, is an orc from the Razorback Tribe. After a miscommunicated introduction, we were finally able to get his side of the story of why an orc was in our village. He wanted to reunite the Bloodfang tribes as they were before the mountains split them apart. The leader of the Razorbacks is an Orc named Tugog Man-Breaker and to him this was heresy. His tribe was never going to follow the old ways of the shamans and elders and so he cut out Jack’s tongue and had him thrown down the mountain in exile. Not being able to speak, he had told us he would have been killed on sight by the Nightstalkers. That’s a little ironic given his arrival but perhaps uniting the orcs could have its benefits. But out of all the dangers to Fair Harbour, I fear the most damaging may come from within.

There is what I perceive, a threat within my village. Although Amana likes to play the innocent, there is more to her than meets the eye. Ever since Kyrai made this place a permanent home, those two have always been talking. I first thought they didn’t know each other but they both came from Thaecil and from what I understand, royalists. With the king deposed only months ago, I’m sure there are plans afoot for revenge but out here? My suspicions only got worse when this threat grew larger with the arrival of a gnome. You would expect your elders to be wiser, to know the lay of the land, what to do and what not but Creel, unfortunately, has seemed to have most of that knocked out of him. Not by anyone else but by his own alchemical experiments. He freely admits he killed his own parents by ‘accident’ and was exiled from the Halfling kingdom when he was about 65 being deemed a ‘threat’ to the kingdom. He’s proud of this fact, along with the many titles he apparently goes by, none of which I’ve heard of. He was brought back by Glory, a member of the Kingsguard and also exiled from Thaecil under Lord Onska’s rule. And on top of all this, Glory has managed to bring back a large suspicious chest from the middle of the forest. Creel explained it to be from employment, remarking on the Thaecil Merchant’s Guild insignia although I wouldn’t know I was reassured multiple times this was the truth.  Apart from Glory, all three can either be seen at their own table in the Drum or dashing in an out of the library at all hours. We’re not safe.

We also have three new arrivals. Dathwehn Gemcutter, a deep gnome and unfortunately not as rich as the last one. He’s spending far too much time in the library and I’m beginning to doubt his story. A story which I can’t deny is this lizardfolk, person, creature whatever he is’s story. Verthica is hard to understand, harder to control and is scaring half the chickens by eating the others raw in front of them. I am a tolerant woman and all he needs is a little civility, it should be easier than turning a murderer into a farmer.Oh, and speaking of Drow we have another arriving in the village. I’ve never met one in person but like Dathwehn, people form the Underdark are markedly different to their kin. I’ve yet to properly speak to her but she doesn’t seem the sociable type.

The corruption is still coming, but for now I think I can relax a little and try some of Varic’s Fair Harbour Brandy…

~ Nancy Patricia Cromwell – Mayor of Fair Harbour

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