Case Reports: EP.1 – Bass Rock

Case Reports show the mental state of our intrepid investigators. Some prefer to write letters, others diaries or even shorthand notes. You’ll be able to get inside their heads and start to begin to understand the horrors that lie within. Don’t forget to catch D.O.S.A tonight (06/02/17) at 18:30 on Twitch :

James Blackadder

Well shit. Monty has gotten us into a right mess now. I thought this would be a lark up to the middle of nowhere with the old boy. Maybe I could of gotten him to open up about why Benjy might have introduced us.

It started well… That Rose lady that has been following Monty around turned up and that was a riot. But then! BUT THEN! We go on this boat which winds up being dashed on the rocks. This was before Monty neglected to mention that he couldn’t sodding swim now could he. So I had to drag him to shore and let me tell you, when he talks about being made of muscle he isn’t joking, that man is like a stone. What else has happened so far? Oh yes a minor detail entirely. MONTY’S CRAZY FRIEND GOT A WOMAN KILLED ON HIS STUPID BOAT TRIP INTO THE ARSE END OF THE WORLD. But other than that this trip up north has been a lark.


Montgomery Wilmington-Smythe

Young Blackadder shows some potential but I’ll have to see what he can do in the field before I come to a decision. At the very least, I owe him a little payback after he sent Miss Tizard my way. Encountering her at the train station did little to improve my mood; especially when it transpired that my coach booking had been taken in error and she was able to travel with us. I did what I could to avoid her attention but I was defeated at every turn by the incompetence or outright malice of those I had to rely on.

Cooper’s boat was a ramshackle old thing and he clearly doesn’t possess the nautical nouse he believes himself to. Sadly, it was the young couple aboard that payed the price when a storm dashed the boat across some rocks away from the mainland. Thankfully this spit of rock has a lighthouse we might be able to use to call for aid but the blessed thing doesn’t seem to be operational. With luck, Blackadder, Miss Tizard and I will be able to assist the lighthouse keeper in getting it back up and running before this storm gets even worse.

Roze Tizard

A few days before

0908 Recieved news that Prof is going to Scotland.  Must thank hypnotist. Cookies?

0931 Know Prof’s journey itinerary now.

1100 Phoned Prof’s coach and added myself as an extra. Pretended to be housekeeper. May be important. Phoned Excalibur Hotel and got room next to Prof’s. Bring listening equipment? Purchased train ticket Time for elevensies. Full cream tea.

Previous Day

21.15 Followed Prof. to train station. Taking train north to Scotland.

Day of Investigation

0520 Nothing of import said throughout journey. Boring! Glad I brought snacks though.

0600 On carriage to hotel. Tried to sneak but nowhere to hide. Prof noticed and tried to hide. Same problem. Bigger bags next time? Hypnotist tried magic on Prof to let me on coach but didn’t work. Took opportunity to get on anyway. Why didn’t it work? Not willing? Knew tricks? Fake?

0800 Arrived at hotel. Bags taken but building means no rooms. Getting breakfast at cafe free. These are some nice scones. Hypnotist used magic on fem patron. Did it work? Will keep an eye on his room later to confirm. Willingness not required? Watch helps more? Where did the scones go? Oh…

0930 On boat w/ prof, hypnotist, cafe couple, old cap and young cap. Prof tried to claim we were going to goats not on a boat. I see no goats. Whales about.

1123 Fem cafe couple saw whales. Several bubbling under water. Strange. Watched for more. Birds swirling strangely. Storm coming. Somethings not right. Moving fast. Warning captain.

1130 Boat crashed into rocks. Storm was not natural.Lost conciousness.

???? Late evening / Night. Notebook ruined but necklace safe. Writing on some paper found in lighthouse. Doors and gate smashed in. Something big. Smells bad in lighthouse. Food still on stove, table laid out. Someone left in a hurry. Food was bad, threw outside. Helped put door back on no thanks to Hypnotist. City kids. Exploring more shortly.

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