Season 2 Is Here!

Tomorrow see’s the return of The Broken Forest but this time, as Season 2.

We’ve had 25 episodes of accidental environmental damage, bureaucratic processes, children turning into mushrooms, fake dragon attacks, getting NPCs drunk, game breaking Teacup-Pomeranians, ghosts with grudges, hidden cities, imaginary friends and wives, kidnappings, lots of paperwork, marriage by miscommunication, near deaths, open invitations to a bubble-barrel parties, sentient penguins, solving crimes, surprisingly nice Dwarves, the assassination of another kingdom’s king, the rise of a tyrant next door, time travelling taverns, visions from gods oh and most importantly the return of The Corruption.

If you head on over to the State of the Forest section on the website you’ll see a whole new section on there for State of the Forest Season 2.

Leylines and The Corruption – Magic and Death
Fair Harbour – The PC village
Yuirwood – Home to the Wood Elves
Donragh – Home to the Dwarves
Minor Factions – Centaurs & Pixies, Dohwar, Drow and Duergar

We’re covering briefly 1-16 and the remaining 9 episodes, so there’s a bit to get through but the two groups of PC’s have done quite a alot over their 75 hours…

Thursdays, 18:00 UCT

Kevlannan – Half- Wood Elf Sorcerer

Wizards of the Coast Art

As a servant of Angaradhhs will on this plane, Kevlannan has never found favour with the Yuirwood Elves. As a descendant of both Yuirwood and Fair Harbour, although he is a divine servant of the Yuirwood God he is tarred by the same brush as humans. His relationship with Nerivaris, Chief Timberrock’s daughter and the High Priestess of Angaradhh in training is strained, to say the least. He’s received a vision from his goddess, showing him a way to craft her weapon, a holy spear.

Flin Oakmire – Wood Elf Fighter

fenris_dragon_age_ii_by_sakimichan-d3oighsA pure wood-elf from Yuirwood who turned his back on Yuirwood when the foundations of Fair Harbour were being built. Some say he may have even been exiled for his actions in saving Fair Harbour from a vicious goblin attack. He has shown impressive leadership skills and ability with his bow and most recently an aptitude for detective work.

Ragbek Tinfounder – ‘Dwarf’ Paladin


He would call himself a Dwarf and so anyone who’s heard of the legend of Officer Tinfounder of the Lower Districts of Donragh. For anyone who else who didn’t know him, he would appear to be human. A fact he was told of by his adoptive parents, alongside directions to the surface to find his biological family. He is famous for getting information out of those he arrests but that would be down to knowing Ragbek and not wanting to confuse him due to how literal he takes every word someone says to him.

Nej – Half-Orc Warlock


He is tortured soul in more ways than one. A half-orc, rejected by his clan, widowed in a goblin raid on his homestead in the forest and his child missing in the process. His wife was the daughter of Windswept Flower and she has blamed him for both her daughter’s death and her granddaughter’s disappearance. Both sought ways to find his child with Nej recently uncovering an artefact that might lead him to her.


Sundays, 20:00 UCT

Alderon – Half-Wood Elf Ranger

Nature Ranger Wood Elf

It’s rumoured that Alderon was there when the first ale was being created at the Demon’s Drum in Fair Harbour and then remained half drunk since. A hedonist for consumables and potables, he’s now considered the patron saint of the Demon’s Drum by Varic, and a degenerate barfly by Mayor Cromwell. Although nearly always half-cut, he has proven a valuable in advising the party in all matters related to Yuirwood.

Glory – Human Paladin

lieutenant_of_defence_by_concept_art_house-d8aetc31A paladin of Tempus from the ‘kingdom next door’ Thaecil. Part of the royal guard, he fought in many conflicts with Lord Ondska’s forces but the king was assassinated, his power taken and all that followed interrogated, publicly executed or exiled to death in the Broken Forest. He has recently been reunited with an old ally but what does a knight do without a king or a kingdom? Spend months in Fair Harbour finding oneself.

Pappy – Halfling Rogue


Pappy’s kingdom was made for small-kin; predominantly Halflings and smattering of Gnomes. There were taller races, but most were forced into servitude. He has travelled very far to the Broken Forest for a reason he will not share but his eyes widen when passing tracks of flat open land. Was he sent by his kingdom, or is he looking for something personal? Whatever it is, he’s not going to tell anyone soon.

Keolith – Goliath Fighter

Goliath Barbarian

His tribe to the far south of the Broken Forest were simple people. No higher concepts than what could be eaten crafted or killed. Keolith felt as if there was more to life and ventured down the mountains where he met Glory. He fought in their war but it didn’t give him the purpose he sought and found shelter in Labella’s Travelling Tavern which took him to the Broken Forest Now that he believes he is married to Windswept Flower, he’ll do whatever it takes for her to be part of his tribe.

Enka – Aracocra Warlock


A traveller from the eastern deserts and the plains of Syrun, he discovered Labella’s when on the edge of giving up hope, trying to find civilisation. His is, by his very nature, a creature of deception. Not only is he a snake oil salesman but a proficient forger and according to his lies, a human doctor and secretly a black feathered dragon to the people of Fair Harbour. As a servant of the Undying Light, his lies have managed to serve him well; disguising his identity to illuminate the wishes of his master but could his latest endeavour on the edge of the forest pull him away to the kingdom of Thaecil.


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