Murder in the ‘Decommissioned’ Diplomatic Ward

We at the Mithril Quill have an exclusive for all our readers. Unbeknownst to most of us common folk, Elves have arrived in our fair city! Not only that, one has died under mysterious circumstances. We have received no official word from the city guard but it’s suspected that it was murder! That’s right, murder!

We can reveal exclusively to our readers that the victim is a female Elf , supposedly like no other we have encountered. Dark skin, purple eyes and white hair; she’s nothing like the stories of the Yuirwood. If she’s not from there then who is she? Where has she come from? We tried to find answers with Commissioner Kurzak but were turned away by Super Intendant Martek Burgaast. We were nearly brought in for following the truth but we never reveal our sources and escaped further questioning. When it comes to the High Lords and matters of public safety, Kurzak is the first to issue a statement. Could he, in fact, be linked to the assumed murder? Is he a suspect himsElf? We all know of his long-standing hatred of the Elves, but could his senility crossed with a case of mistaken identity, really result in murder?


An artist’s impression of a dark skinned Elf

With no official word of Elves even being granted access to the city, we talked to our source at the Grand Gate. We have an eyewitness report that not one, but two sets of Elves have entered Danrogh. That’s right folks two sets! Although we cannot confirm this to be true, our source has revealed to us that both sets were visually distinct from each other. The first arrived almost two days ago, dark skin, pale hair and gemstone eyes. They were bearing an official mark, perhaps a delegate and if so, where from? Are we under a new threat?

The second were of positive Yuirwood decent. One was identified as being half Elf, while the other full blooded. They arrived with no official paperwork but with the recently missing city guard, Ragbek  Tinfounder. Last week we had reported that Officer Tinfounder had disappeared. He is most famously known for his gigantic proportions, although most consider him an urban myth. His father, Tinfounder Snr. reported his son missing when he did not return home from guard duty over two weeks ago. We have no word why he would be in the company of Yuirwood Elves or a mysterious man.

Officer Tinfounder was also seen in the company of a green skinned human. He is believed to be the result of a union between an Orc and a Human,. We have heard stories of Orcs from the Fair Harbour Humans but from their attitude we did not believe them to have willingly mated with the Orcs. Could he be our murderer? A man with Orcish blood and fire, and the guile and artifice of a Human, a silent but brutal blade? We at the Mithril Quill vow to find the truth.

Although we can be quick to blame outsiders, especially those of Elven descent; we must not forget the current state of our government. We have yet to see Lord Belgrudain Turabal fully support the new monarch, although he has access to Queen Ironbeard’s Privy Council. He has been quoted to have actively spoken out against some of the Queen’s decisions in his private life but has not made these views public. Could he be acting out in defiance against the Queen? Or perhaps he is in the pocket of his fellow Lords and it’s the elite of our society who are the real culprits?


A Yuirwood Elf

It should also be noted that the  Magitek Institute has recently come under scrutiny lately by the Royal Treasury; having its funding cut dramatically since the Queen came to the throne.  Professor Gwinnis Durthek, a spokesperson for the institute, has publicly criticised the government and the Queen for ‘compromising the security and education’ of the ‘public they serve’. Lord Turabal has recently been seen attending the Magitek Institute, where his son Borolo studies. Could Professor Durthek be involved with Turabal, or perhaps with her intelligence, is she the ringleader? Rumours say that the Institute’s funding was being used to fund a secret project by the government. With the death of this dark skinned Elf, will this rumoured project be stopped and the funds returned?   Only time will tell.

As of writing this, we have just received word that Lord Throgan Aenfal, the Queen’s cousin, famously known for a birth defect in his skin and hair, has been overheard boasting about meeting Elves ‘like no other’. Although incoherent he was said to have maintained that he was acting ‘under orders’ but would not reveal who. The impression he gave was that he was suspected of carrying out ‘crimes’ against these Elves and they had come to ‘take him away from an imprison him’ but violently claimed he was innocent. We could not find public records of Lord Aenfal leaving the city recently; although the tales he sings of his famous adventures certainly make it possible for him to have crossed paths with these dark skinned Elves without the government knowing. Did he lash out to keep his crime a secret? We have yet to hear more but will keep our readers up to date with tomorrow’s issue.

We have six possible suspects including two mysterious elves, possibly more with the addition of the Yuirwood Elves and Half-Orc in the company of Officer Tinfounder but no clear motive.  If you have any information, we will pay good money for the truth; and for those of you captivated by this suspected murder, remember to pay for your daily dose of truth from the Mithril Quill…

Drow 2 – Fesbraa
Elvon Heron – Michalivan

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