They Decided to Stay – Part 2


…Now that lot, well, they are at least a little more predictable. This other group not so much. Completely and utterly responsible for ruining the town meeting and the initial agreement with the Harass and Fae. They all bar one don’t fit. I just don’t feel comfortable around them although, if you think about it, Fair Harbour was founded by misfits. Criminal misfits mind you but none of them were a neat jigsaw before coming here. What worries me more is that they don’t understand the ways of the area but are keen to help, something’s not right. Oh and let me not forget the whole black feathered fire breathing dragon…


crowfeather_setThis charismatic man is somewhat of an enigma to me. He seems to keep to himself bar the little company he keeps yet is a doctor. I have yet to see his bedside manner but it leaves me wondering more. Why does he need all those props for his work? Why the feathers and the plague mask? He has helped save Fair Harbour once but who knows as to why. Where does he even come from? He doesn’t speak like anyone I’ve ever heard of, even the gnolls sound more local than him.


067a64a28548e3b760e4320db5c6a116What’s stranger than a doctor refusing to take off his costume? The answer, a goliath. Now I had only heard stories about these mainly in books and bardic eddas. He seems well meaning but he has no idea how to conduct himself or how society works. But I do see something in him, that same misfit nature that everyone here has. I don’t think he’s even noticed it himself. It will be interesting, and by that expensive and dangerous, to see if he does find himself in Fair Harbour and settles down. What do Goliath’s trade in anyway?


halfling_gambler_by_windmaker-d7fe3xkIf he didn’t know how to move so fast and sneak off so quickly I could swear his clothes were weighed down with gold. Supposedly some form of nobility although I have yet to see any form of official documents. The ones he has shown me are for some far off place I’ve never heard of. It just seems very strange that a nobleman would come out this far just for ‘adventure’. He throws gold around like it doesn’t matter, he’s after something. I don’t trust Halflings, never have done, never will.


lieutenant_of_defence_by_concept_art_house-d8aetc31In Thaecil I thought the royal guard followed Chauntea and alike. Tempus was not something I was excepting from the clerics of the King, the old King anyway. The battle must have really done a number on them to turn to the god of war.  It makes me wonder what Lord Ondska did, how far he pushed the King and his men. How far would glory go if he were pushed? War is destructive, no two ways about that. There’s already an axe over this place ready to fall I hope that it’s not his god that makes it fall.


eyj1cmwioijodhrwczovl2rpc2nvcmquc3rvcmfnzs5nb29nbgvhcglzlmnvbs9hdhrhy2htzw50cy8xotaymzm4otq0ntexnta4ndgvmje0mdyzmduxmjkxmjmwmja5l0lnr184mzizlkpqryj9-g8fxva1sf_nujroivlxuxvjgxywDrunk. Annoying. Best friends with Varic. He’s loveable in his own way and is often less dangerous than most people here but…I get the feeling he overly comfortable here. He’s furniture around here, he props up the bar and is master of cultivating his own special herbs and flowers. He’s the main reason we can’t allow children into the Drum, if demonic corruption is to the body, then Alderon is certain that to the minds of impressionable children. He knows far too much about this place, heck he probably built half of this place. Who knows what secrets he’s stashed away.

Nancy Patricia Cromwell – Mayor of Fair Harbour

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