They Decided to Stay- Part 1


Usually, people just come and go from Fair Harbour so I’ve had to look after this place alone. A few, mainly Varic, would say that was self-inflicted. It wasn’t my job, nor my calling to protect this place but I did. The village was a rogues’ gallery turned farmers. Their crops were dying, they were too by each other’s hands and who’s to say how many of them were claimed by the forest. It took a simple prayer to Chauntea and a clear mind to put everything back into order. I don’t know why I’m so determined to make this place work.  These new folks, however, don’t understand the delicate weave I’ve created here. Take this first group:


Artemis Entreri by aditya777I’ve heard stories about the Orcs in the north. A tribe split over ideas and a giant ravine to the Underdark. At least they’ve stuck to the mountains so far. Well that was what I thought until Windswept Flower mentioned her daughter to me again. Larathil had mainly been serving as our Gillie while her mother had been recalled back to Yuirwood to continue with her Gillie duties for them, way before I took office although I never met her. Apparently, her disappearance from the village was due to her finding a husband; a half-orc named Nej. Someone must have been adventurous back in the day, although what I hear of the Razorback tribe is territorial violence. How the heck a human managed to… Never mind. He seems to have come from his own stead in the hills past the Zak Mountains. Larathil and he had raised a daughter, Elu and then a war band of goblins attacked. Larathil was killed, their daughter was taken, and Windswept Flower blamed Nej. He has this idea that he can find an artefact to find his daughter but that’s if his mother in law doesn’t tear him apart first. At least nobody has started to throw spells around.


Ragbek Tinfounder

paladin_by_artspell-d7t2jh8The Danrogh Dwarves are now reluctantly agreeable to trade. We had to stick Varic in his own cellar while Amana pretended to be the owner when the delegation from the Merchant Guild turned up but I secured a trade agreement. Now that’s all going to change. A ‘dwarf’ by the name of Ragbek has come to the village. He looks, speaks, drinks, even smells like a dwarf but he’s far too tall. Varic says he’s looking for his true parents but how in the divines did a human baby end up getting raised by dwarves? I mean, Danrogh dwarves don’t come out from their mountains it just doesn’t make any sense to me. Varic remains tight-lipped on the matter, trying to get him to talk about his past is like getting blood from a stone.



ejwnyesogyaqanc7cabgna_obqgstnfcyloyvxv7lu8xn3gzzryqfw7o7efmbex2ahupfltbq1dj_zw2t9sl1zspu7x1umvbjkqxiq7kjdl6l5ia6mfzyabccodcikwbaot99wq-p72minaHalf-elves are usually a problem for the village. Either their elven attitude to life muddies their relationships with the villagers, or Chief Timberrock decides to blame Fair Harbour for their existence and tars them with the same brush he does humans. Kevlannan is no different, although the reason why the Chief particularly hates him is a little more in-depth. I’ve heard Kevlannan’s magics come from a divine source although I’m confused as to why a purely elven goddess has chosen a half-blood to be her champion.  It’s got to infuriate Timberrock. His daughter Nerivaris, I believe, is their High Priestess of Angharradgh. I’m sure the Chief’s hatred of humans and his daughter’s goddess’ choice in champion is all channelled into one unlucky soul. That or her father doesn’t want her around other men, especially Kevlannan. He, on the other hand, is very accepting of all other races and I’m sure it’s down to his human side. The elven outcasts here retain that stick up their own asses even if they aren’t officially part of Yuirwood anymore. I hope the gods smile on him as he tries to fulfil his role as her champion. It’s a tough job being a cleric, let alone a chosen one.


Flin Oakmire

fenris_dragon_age_ii_by_sakimichan-d3oighsSomeone who really should know better would be Flin, one of the few pure wood elves in Fair Harbour. He’s been in the village the longest, even before me. Long enough to know which nails he hammered in when building The Demon’s Drum. It’s odd to have someone with that perspective. He’s been here since Fair Harbour started and the temporary treaty signed with Yuirwood while they helped build the village. I’ve got a funny feeling most of them were conned out of something one way or another, so I guess I can’t really blame Anrudiel for his attitude sometimes. Flin’s our local hero, saved us one too many times back in the day for my liking, and the reason for his exile from Yuirwood. Fair Harbour was always teetering on the edge of destruction, either by the villagers or by wildlife and Flin kept the villagers safe, much to Yuirwood’s annoyance and constant threats to exile him. Most famously, he saved Fair Harbour from a large force of goblins that attacked from over the mountains. Thinking about it, perhaps they are part of the same group that attacked Nej’s family and killed his wife. I just hope that Flin stops fighting and defending us to let us help him and find some happiness. However, he has decided he is going adventuring with Nej, Kevlannan, and Ragbek so there’s not a chance in him taking a break. If any one of them puts a step wrong, it is going to be a diplomatic nightmare. Just thinking about it makes me need a drink.

Nancy Patricia Cromwell – Mayor of Fair Harbour

Art by: Cover – Adalbertofsouza – Deviantart
Aditya777 – Deviantart
Ardinaryas – Deviantart
Jason Chan – Wizards of the Coast
Sakimichan – Deviantart

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