The Three Witches: 10 -Well Informed

Caldera Blocky

Four years since I went to live with Arden and I had become a merchant of whispers, a thief, addicted to drugs, free of Vallah and then murdered two people. I wasn’t worried by this point about getting caught. If I remember right, I just walked away and washed the blood off. I had to bite my lower lip from not shouting at Vallah. She was unbearable. She seemed to delight in what I did, what she did. It wasn’t right, I felt used but she was just a thing trapped somewhere else. I felt dirty and not just from being in the Foundations. Was I just that angry or had Vallah really taken control? Was that even possible? The answer is yes by the way.

At the time I didn’t know that. I knew I could pay off the Silver Palm if they came looking for me but I doubted anyone would notice. I picked the best I could, who had the worst reputations so whatever they said about me wouldn’t be taken seriously. So it must have been Vallah? I had planned ahead, made sure of security but I was still compelled to kill them out of paranoia. It must have been her. Any deaths  have been caused by my hand alone…It weighs on you, a stone you have to carry for each life. Don’t take this burden with you. You are an unwritten book, you deserve a chance set in motion a new chain of events, free from the dominions I have toppled. You should decide what ripples you make in the water. It makes me wish I could have the best of both. A clean start with all my memories intact.

If you’re reading this then obviously they aren’t. I have learned that my memories are linked to Vallah. Since that plate was put in my head she has been there in the background. We (Odhran and myself) off find out what the Morianna family might know about her. Their family home is huge, wider than any spire. They know things, they study them. Rumour has it that they have a vast storehouse of knowledge somewhere from the hundreds of years their family has existed. We didn’t find them, or their knowledge.

It was easy enough for us to slip in. We hoped on the off chance that one family member might be still visit for supplies so we kept an eye on the place but no luck. We discovered that a man by the name of Renick Mallor was appointed guardian of the estate, although his relationship with the family was unknown. They were frequently visited by  a scarred old woman who seemed to leave with more items than she came with but from what I could tell it was just junk. She was selling off trinkets of the estate under his nose, nearly got caught a few times. I wanted to talk to her but Odhran said no. He sounded far more serious than I before, the same tone he uses when he speaks of his ‘god’…I had always questioned why he helped me. We slipped in, dodged a maid or two and found something, not what we were looking for but at least the time wasn’t wasted.