The Three Witches: 8 -Goldgard

Caldera Blocky

It became a win-win scenario after encountering DeHart. I never felt more wanted or useful  and Vallah was being silenced. I would end up laying on my bed in my room, completely out of my mind on Khatt-Nipp. I could feel the thump the children playing downstairs,  heard the mumbled voice of Arden trying to calm them down and then the silence when they sat to eat. Apart from working for DeHart, I spent nearly every waking moment on Khatt-Nipp. Some days I was a better person for it. I was more engaged in what I was doing, although time seemed to pass so quickly it was always earlier than I thought. I was even complimented on my humming of a tune I could hear, well only I could hear.

I kept Vallah as quiet as I could manage. Most days I would promise myself I would help Arden, head to the markets or at least eat but I would wake up and drink a vial, wait a while and when I was just about ready to get up again, I would find opening another vial easier than walking out the door. From what I can recall I enjoyed it, most of the time. It wasn’t time wasted as such but I could have done so much more with my time…although thinking about it, without Khatt-Nipp, I wouldn’t have spent those years becoming who I am, who we are.

In the end I was using DeHart more than he was using me. The coins were not only useful for Khatt-Nipp but also for other goods and services.  There were countless books on the King’s madness but none that worked for me. I didn’t need a solid shape to cast a shadow, I made them dance on the ceiling as I listened to music only I could hear. But there were other books, not on his madness but what appeared to be paranoia and delusion. Theorists had linked his madness to something called the Shadow Herd. To them it was based on any number of collected tales on the lands of early Thaemor. Goldgard Landon is said to be the first ruler of Thaemor after claiming the disputed fertile land in the middle of a three way war. He fortified the borders and built Jyrek-  The Bastion City – near the River Septim and the borders to Malevich. To the west and north on the shores the Wyr River were the borders to the steadfasts of Navarene and Draolis . They were left unchecked and could easily allow an invading army from both Steadfasts. An Aeon priest was sent out into the green lands and found the Obsidian Pillar near The Dark Hills and soon Auspar was born and its borders defended until the end of the war.  He was a warrior, not a king although folk tales say different