The Three Witches: 7 – Khatt-Nipp

Caldera Blocky

You see, the Silver Palm are one the main traders of drugs in Auspar. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t use anything invasive, none of the scars you have are from that I can assure you.  Khatt Nipp is produced by the Televaraen, animalistic abhumans who are happy to converse and act like a human on two legs but preferred to stay on all fours. They supposedly have claws that served as a hand and as a weapon and a dexterous tail that could hold a sword. With teeth that chew through bone and a fierce temper. Approaching one in a tavern could end up with you covered in scratch marks that ripped flesh and the same fate  could be said if you mistook one for mere animal. They’re volatile, solitary and made better drugs than local producers, House Ethis. That last titbit of information picked up from DeHart.

He appreciated me for the had skills that were completely unrelated to the shadows. I had instinct, drive and an inquisitive mind. I thought outside the box, measured all possibilities before destroying it entirely. Skills that weren’t appreciated when I was younger. I was an asset and soon became a spy of sorts for DeHart. Not against street gangs or people who missed repayments no. I was spying on Gul’Ren, the leader of the Lower Merchant Silver Palm.  Crimes escalated from the physical to the cerebral as you got higher in the city. A murder in the Foundations was political assassination on the roof tiles. Each section of the city had its own leader of the Silver Palm, with their own motives an ideals and none of them trusted each other. The gangs differed from each part of the city but all were part of a united front but each criminal boss answered to their representative and their representative would only look out for his or her own. Infighting was common between the section leaders and ruining each other over was part and parcel of the Silver Palm. Each one had their own ambitions and that nearly always put them into conflict.

Gul’Ren was constantly passing responsibility to DeHart. The Minotaurs, a group that had worked its way onto every floor, was constantly refusing to join the Silver Palm. Gul’Ren was tasked to kill their leader, only for them to somehow escape into the Foundations, making it DeHart’s job instead. It was like this for four years. In exchange for my skills, which were getting sharper by the day, I soon had the choice between silver coins and Khatt Nipp. This was pure stuff from the Televaraen. House Ethis produced a variety of ‘illegal’ things on mass scale and used the Silver Palm to distribute and export without alerting the Grapnel or the City Hawks.   You could taste how crude  their methods were. They used a drug themselves on their henchmen to keep them in check, Nastrond. It’s  addictive and without it after one taste, your body would mutate into something scaly. It’s effective control but it doesn’t produce quality. I’ve completely forgotten to explain what Khatt-Nipp is.

It’s a swirling silver liquid, stored in an ever rotating vial. If it isn’t kept constantly level or liquid stops moving, the drug becomes inert. The drug gives you a sensory euphoria when consumed. Some prefer to see colours, artistry or the night sky. Others smell cut grass, flowers or incense. Myself, I used it to listen to the music of my childhood, the nights where I snuck out into the market to watch a performance or two. I not only felt relaxed and peaceful but the music almost permanently drowned out Vallah. And she knows that she was the cause of it all, without her in my head, I wouldn’t have tried to find a peace of sorts. It’s always made her furious.