The Three Witches: 6 – DeHart

Caldera Blocky

The only time I can clearly remember following Arden down was the time I met DeHart. From the other times, I could only remember blur of the Undercroft Market, the nausea of the rubbish pit below floor one and holding on tighter to my shins than I have ever done since. Arden had met someone, the same someone on multiple occasions. A gruff older man, with a constant look of frustration and disappointment.  From the way he carried himself and his cleaner attire, he was of obvious importance down there. When I caught a glimpse of silver being placed on the older man’s palm it was obvious of he was.

‘Grace my palm with silver and it shall be done.’ That’s what they say anyway, the one phrase said by all members of the Silver Palm. They are a group of criminal gangs with a council of leaders. They share profits, information and currency. Remember what I’m about to tell you if you ever go back to Auspar. They deal with silver coins which is used in exchange for a favour by members of the Silver Palm. It’s a writ of debt as services rendered. If you knew the value of a single coin, then you either had dealings with the Silver Palm itself,or had listened to rumour and hearsay. Some of the most prominent crimes in Auspar have been attributed to a single coin and Arden seemed to have a supply of them.  That or perhaps it was just the one, I don’t remember.

I hadn’t been as careful following Arden as I first thought. I had taken precautions like always but this time I was prepared for. Not by Arden though, the poor man couldn’t see through a window. The older man however was ready with his lackeys. No sooner had Arden finished his transaction, I was grabbed and carried off. I ended up in shop that from a glance was selling oddities and scrap metal. It reminded me of our father… The man opposite me, sat in a chair in the middle of the empty shop was DeHart. He probably still is a complicated man. Yanked from his post in the Merchant Elite between the roof tiles and ‘demoted’ to the ‘deathtrap’ that is the Foundations. He is a proud man and an ally. He wasn’t at that point, n, I was on the end of his sword tip. I hadn’t apparently been keeping as watchful eye as I thought on my past visits. DeHart had me spotted only three weeks after I had started. He knew I didn’t know anything about what Arden was doing but he took great pleasure in trying to twist something out of me.

Vallah didn’t seem to like him either. I was forgetting about her more and more. Perhaps focusing on what Arden was up to took more of my thoughts than she could. It was a blessing but now she was back and unintentionally forcing my hand into the service of the DeHart and the Silver Palm.