TG Episode 6: Explosions, Hipster Cafes and Drugs

Caldera Blocky

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Summary: The group were sent to Qi by  Thorin under the instruction of Vaxxor’s Rache’s lead tactician, Sokar. They were given offocial robes and told to follow her instructions. The boat from the Sanctum took them  down the Wyr River to  Qi. Sokar briefed them on the way: they were to steal book of folk tales from Logan Kray, the leader of the third biggest criminal faction in Qi for Magistrix Lyss. Sokar went to gather rumours about the Kray’s and their arranged marriage to the Marish Clan as they wished to fortify their standing against a man named Danton Scalar, the leader of the largest criminal faction. Sokar encountered an old battle scarred woman who knew she was from House Filadoxis and told that her family was not welcome here and if she saw Sokar again, she would kill her.

The others went to the meeting spot, not really knowing what to do. Mason met an old acquaintance from when he was living in the city who warned him of the dangers of the man named Baron. Stibbons unsuccessfully tried to convert the people of Qi to his faith. First the Aeon Priests; whose security creatures, the Zhev, stopped him as he tried to gain entry to The Durkhal. After being turned away, he returned to the park and attempted on the park goers, who all saw his madness materialise in front of them, scaring them off and alerting the others to where he had disappeared to and causing them intellect damage and for Winston to stumble backwards, setting of a small explosion. Sokar returned back to the park with new information but her symbiot demanded she play a game of catch before she would be allowed to leave the park.

The group were told that Tahmas Marish, the groom to be, would hang out in a cafe near the University of Qi. Outside the cafe, Stibbons received a message from his god, warning him that Mason was a murderer. Mason himself found a shrine dedicated to his ‘missing’ sister Leah before Stibbon’s madness manifested again, sending the crowd around them into a frenzy of panic, with Mason pulled out of the confusion by his ‘Uncle’.

Hour 1

  • Winston causes all kinds of injuries thanks to running into small children, burley men, and the elderly. A massive explosion erupts from the Nano cloud behind Winston.
  • Sokar completely disappears during all the chaos.
  • During the explosion it is discovered that the entire store front of the cafe has been destroyed and the building is on the verge of collapse with people inside.
    • Winston saves a child in the wreckage and the rest of the people make it out alive except for the child’s mother who takes a beam to the chest killing her instantly. One of those her rescued was Tahmas.

Hour 2

  • Fitz and Mason go to look for Mason’s ‘Uncle’ who was lost (blown clean off his feat and flung far) in the chaos of the explosion.
  • They find Mason’s ‘Uncle’crumbled up, not heavily injured but definitely unconscious being poked by three old women with a walking stick who Fitz aggravates.
  • Fitz drags the ‘Uncle’ onto a cart she has stolen. Her and Mason both decide to pull the cart back to the explosion site.
  • Winston and Stibbons talk to the Zhev ,as the Zhev investigate the explosion, initially blaming Tahmas. Winston stepped in to help and was accused himself. The old woman returned blaming the explosion on Sokar and pointing the Zhev in one direction. Stibbons blames Mason and tells the Zhev another. The Zhev then split up.
  •  Team Fitzon take the cart and accidentally hit an old woman coming to harass them  as they reverse away from the Zhev cornered off area.
  • Fitz is able to help the lady with assistance from Bitz, her Shamu, before they both making their way from the explosion to avoid the Zhev and back to the meeting place, the park.

Hour 3

  • Team Stibbero and Tahmas took the small girl to the Durkhal to be under the care of the Aeon Priests.
  • Half way through pulling the cart, Fitz gives up pulling as she can feel Mason putting enough effort in for her as well, much to the annoyance of Mason.
  • Winston converses with an Aeon Priest at the door who takes in the girl. She states that they have stopped taking in children after the ‘incident’ involving the dead talking. Winston figures out this may be Mason. At the mention of his name, the Priest dropped her papers, gives Winston a deathly stare and slams the door.
  • Team Stibbero convinces Tahmas that their is a triage area in the park, a while away from the explosion site and they should go get checked out. Tahmas is convinced and leaves with them. Tahmas offers to take them to his Mother’s healer, but they go to the park instead.
  • Everyone slowly all makes their way to the park.
  • Tahmas see’s Team Fitzon carrying the unconscious Uncle in the cart and runs over, alarmed at the situation.
  • The group meets up and find out that Uncle Jack is everyone’s ‘uncle’ to those who are in need. Tahmas gets into a debate with Mason over whose ‘Uncle’ he is and things turn sour quickly after Mason rightfully outs Winston as the bomber and not just Tahmas’ savoir.
  • While they are debating Fitz erases Tahmas’s memory to the point where he arrived at the park and the situation is rectified.
  • Stibbons then uses a fungal cypher with help from the voices in his head that causes everyone to suffer with hallucinations as a giant shroom sprouts up in-between them, dusting them with toxic spores.
  • Tahmas see’s his mother in his delusion and runs off. Winston is apparently unaffected along with Stibbons. Fitz sees a tribe of people who she has murdered in the name of the Explorer’s Guild and Mason see’s the vision of his sister, not an unusual occurrence (he’s repressed most of his memories about her) but instead of her being friendly shes hostile and violent towards him.

Items and XP Spent

  • Mason

  • Fitz

    • Acquired a cart
  • Winston

  • Dean

    • Fungal garden cypher

XP Awarded and Why

  • Mason

  • Fitz

  • Winston

    • GM Intrusion
  • Dean

    • GM Intrusion

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