Season 3: Episode 3 – We’re All Going to Qi

Fantasy Dock
Cover Image by Khang Le

Last Time on Traitors Gate

 Mason, Fitz and Mr. Stibbons meet up to discuss some business with the Silver Palm. They were instructed to meet Orion. After a discussion with Margret and some fighting with doors, they finally made it to his personal quarters. He was given the message from the Silver Palm and then powered down. Quest Complete


Mr Stibbons and Sokar


PC: Sokar
A professional spy-master and killer, if only it could be proven. Her moral compass, a juvenile symbiotic jellyfish.


Hour 1

  • Fitz, Mason and Stibbons are called in to have a chat with Thorin about their discovery of notes in Orion’s office.
  • They were then introduced to Sokar, tactician for Vaxxor’s Rache
  • Lola, Thorin’s granddaughter, is sent to fetch Winston for a meeting with the rest of the group:
    • He discovers his nickname is 100 Feet, due to his reputation to accidentally endager lives within 100 feet, and it’s shouted as a warning to people to keep that distance from him.
    • He’s then told to give Lola a 5 minute head start, but he doesn’t listen and runs out of his shack/home, eventually falling over and damaging his hamstring as he makes his way to the gathering place.
  • They are told where to meet up, on the docks of Wyr river and given cloaks with Convergence symbol on it.
  • The group then spends the next 3 nights and 12 hours on a ship while travelling to Qi.
  • Sokar briefs the group on the assignment:
    • Logan Kray is currently in possession of a book in which they must locate and return to the Convergence for research.
    • Book of fairytales and myths that has been on the Black Market, this task has been given to the group by a Magictrix Lyss.
    • The book is of importance and power to those that understand it.

Hour 2

  • They Arrive in Qi at the Moon Bay at around 5am.
  • They encounter a female street performer who sets herself ablaze in purple flames as part of her act.
  • The party splits for a bit to allow for Sokar to gathers rumors.
    • Logan’s daughter is named Willow and arranged to marry Tahmas
    • Dietha Marhe’s son, Tahmas, is not in love with Willow
    • There’s a little old lady who sells odd bits and bobs without any payment
  • The others, bar a now missing Stibbons, meet with some one of Mason’s old contacts  from when he used to live in the city.
    • Mason is in danger
    • Tahmas
      • Womanizer
      • Next in line for the head of the family
      • Likes to hang out at a cafe by the fountain to the north west of the university. AKA. hipster cafe
  • Stibbons decides to go to the building of the Aeon Priests and protest against their “false” god. He’s greeted by creatures he had never seen before and is  refused entry and subsequently told to leave
  • Sokar meets with the little old lady and donates some items to her ‘charity’.
    • The woman seems to recognise Sokar and looks though a book  by the Morianna family on genealogy.

Hour 3

  • Sokar and the old lady have some disagreements
    • Sokar is identified as a member of house Filadoxis, a family known to the old woman.
    • The old woman tells Sokar to leave as soon as she is done here, if not quicker.
    • She is threatened with death by the old woman, who is now noticblly well built, battle scarred and a vertan of warfare.
    • They part ways, with the death threat reiterated.
  • The rest of the group realize they have forgotten Stibbons and have to go and find him. They followed the sound of peaching about a unknown god and and a growning audience. In the center of the gathering is Stibbons, using his illusions to help convert his audience
    • The group soon sees a weird blob made of people and other things generated by Stibbons as madness takes hold of him. Causing his audience to scatter in dismay.
    • In shock Winston tumbles back causing an explosion damaging everyone in a 10 foot radius
  • Sokar forces the group plays a small game of catch with a children’s ball she’s bought on the way back, without explaining why. She has been forced to by her symbiot.
  • After Sokar is satisfied they head towards the cafe where Tahmas has been known to frequent.
  • Along the way they find a small shrine dedicated to Mason’s sister, who is still thought of as missing
  • Mason is attacked by a random passerby and chaos ensues. – QUEST INCOMPLETE

Items and XP Spent

  • Mason
  • Fitz
  • Winston
  • Mr. Stibbens
    • Reroll
  • Sokar

XP Awarded and Why

  • Mason
    • GM Intrusion
  • Fitz
    • GM Intrusion
  • Winston
    • GM Intrusion
  • Mr. Stibbens
    • GM Intrusion
  • Sokar
    • GM Intrusion

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