Season 3 Episode 2 – Let’s Break Some Doors!


Last Time on Traitors Gate

Applications were accepted and Fitz and Winston are separated into two separate rooms and interviewed by some high ranking members of the Convergence. Eventually after some lines of questioning they are left alone to care for a randomly spawned cat. After a “few” hours they are finally told they’ve been accepted and should wait in their quarters for someone to collect them.


Dean aka Mr. Stibbens


Hour 1

  • Given first quest which was an envelope with a cryptic message. Contained a silver coin and a map marked with the meeting location
  • Margret makes her sandwhichy return
  • Given a mission to track down an Oryan.
    • Not human but a battlesuit and told to go talk to his assistant
    • Found there is power fluctuation going on in the area of the Convergence

Hour 2

  • Summon “The Butler” only to talk receive a talking pyramid with an attitude
  • Mr. Stibbons runs off somewhere  leaving the rest of the party to have to find him
  • Fitz is attacked by a biomechanical tentacle monstrosity that came from inside the grates
  • Found Mr. Stibbons in the corner of a dark corridor. Fitz sees that the walls, celing and floor is covered in a dripping tar substance. Mason canot see this.
  • Mason tries to do some psycosurgery to calm Stibbons down. Forcing his mental state back to reality.
  • Found Jethro cleaning up the tentacle monster and he leads them to a back corridor under the misconception they are there for another reason.
  • He leaves to report a security breach caused by the activation of ‘The Butler’ leaving the group to their own devices.
  • They try to break into a room with restricted access and are discovered by Jethro.
  • He gets his memories erased by Fitz and goes to checkon security and goes to report it a second time.
  • After following him back into the area Fitz decides to kick a glass door down to get the attnetion of  Jethro who is about discover he has already sent a report, and activates the security sequence putting an outline of a faintly glowing orange hexagon at her feet.

Hour 3

  • Jethro nearly discovers that he has already reported the security breach.
  • Mr. Stibbons distracts him with an illusion and gets Jethro to contact Orion.
  • They are then leadto a storage area and made to wait.
  • They eventually deliver  the items to Orion and he unexpectadly decides to power down.
  • Before leaving they find paperwork signed by Vaxxor in amoungst Orion’s own research

Items and XP Spent

  • Mason
  • Fitz
  • Winston – None, Our Hero was locked away this session
  • Mr. Stibbens

XP Awarded and Why

  • Mason
    • GM Intrusion – Goldspare viens begin acting up again
  • Fitz
    • Tenticle monster of DOOOOOMMMMMM
  • Winston – None, Our Hero was locked away this session
  • Mr. Stibbens
    • GM Intrusion

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