Character Dossier – Episode 1


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Introducing the following new characters to Traitors Gate



PC: Mr Stibbons
Description: A man who heralds from a far away land, now lost in the voices inside his head. Some would say he is mad, he would say he speaks to a god.



Virgo - Ninth World Bestiary

TM and © 2016 Monte Cook Games, LLC.

NPC: Magister Orion
Description: A sentient battle-suit who views humanity as nothing more as a slave race. It seeks to liberate all sentient Numenera, regardless of who dies.



Author Unknown

NPC: Jethro
Description: A member of the Purple Order who reads amethyst and a slave of Orion. He believes the world will be consumed by The Great Devourer.

NPC: Thoren
Description:  The oldest surviving assistant of the deceased Vaxxor. He now leads Vaxxor’s Racche.


NPC: The Butler
Description: An unknown intelligent entity. A metallic square based pyramid with its point floating above the ground. It’s panels are covered in ornate patterns that glow green when talking.


NPC: Margaret
Description: A woman in her late forties who dresses and acts with little class or taste. She is the official representative of the Silver Palm, although she has no idea how she ended up in the Empty Sanctum.



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