Season 3: Episode 1 – Fitz and Winston Join the Team

Glimpse into Utterdark - M0AI - Deviantart

Last Time on Traitors Gate
We went through the process of character creation, with descriptors, foci, and general back story.

Guest: N/A

Summary: Winston and Fitz have some interviews to join the Convergence.

Hour 1

  • Winston Interview
    • Age: 28
    • Grew up in the city of Auspar
    • Very clumsy
    • Reports to the leader of Treasure Legion – Mai
      • Only one that everyone wanted to get rid of

Hour 2

  • Fitz Interview
    • Charlie the Hivemind Leader of the Explorers Guide
    • Feels more at home on a ship than on land
    • Doesn’t quest environment (much)


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