Colleges and Questing


War for the Overworld Cultist

There are six departments assigned to each Sanctum College. The Empty Sanctum has the following:

Automata, Artificial Intelligence, Bio-Augmentation, Bio-Chemistry, Bio-Necrotics and The University of Doors Enclave.

Each department has three convergence members as their faculty, with two declared nemesis (those with intersecting quest chains).

Currently available is the University of Doors Enclave with the following faculty members:

Magister A. Hinklebottom

Magister Amburn

Magestrix Lyss

These Magisters and Magestrix, play an important role, not just as quest givers and a focal point for narrative, they also a lodologocial mechanism. Players can technically ‘win’ this campaign under the following conditions:

Convergence Nomination:

  • Players initially nominated
  • Players received 9 additional nominations

Revenge Win:

  • A murderer has been identified
  • The suspect is killed
  • Players must not be suspected, any who are not ‘win’

How to get Nominated 

  • To be nominated players must complete four quests.
  • In essence each nomination is worth four quests, each quest affects standing with that department and its ‘rival’.
  • When a quest is completed, standing is raised in one, and lowered in another. This can be altered by completing quests for that department, ‘ally’ departments and  then spending 4 XP per player or completing a quest from a guild NPC related to the relevant department.
  • Rewards for each level of quest completion can be lost and gained apart from physical items which can only be rewarded once.
  • When four quests are completed, the standing with that NPC cannot decrease, regardless of any other factors.
  • This must be repeated a total of 10 times to qualify for the revenge win condition.
  • To find out more details about questing head on over to here.

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