Creating a New Convergence

Season 3 of Traitors Gate starts within the Empty Sanctum, a base of operations for the Convergence in the Steadfast. In the source material the Convergence are, in essence, one of the primary facilitators of an antagonist with characteristics of a villain. In the Needles Universe, I have altered this slightly to a more fitting group, academics.


To me, the Convergence is the antitheses of the Order of Truth, the quasi-religious, scientific guardians of the Numenera and the peace of the Steadfast. Their opposite in my mind, a chaotic form of academia where the rules were thrown out the window, ethics be damned. They would be driven by results, the demonstration of power and individual ability. They are also individualists who I’ve crafted as premadonnas. They require an entourage of supporting grunts, mercenaries and research assistants to prove their worth. This was taken from the core book’s idea of each member having followers in general.

This new idea lead to an entire redesign of the Convergence. No longer were Sanctums home to a myriad of Convergence members, they became more like colleges of a larger University. This meant a pairing down of the variety of members while creating ‘faculties’ of members. This is where, after talking to my players, I created faculties along with their respective research fields.I created three in each of the six categories, bearing in mind the principle of my questing design:

  • Each Convergence member has four quests
  • Each must be completed in sequence for nomination to take effect.
  • Each quest should be designed to be completed within one or two sessions of 3 hour game-play.

This helped design the Nemesis System, or more simply, quests with choice. One member from each faculty has a single quest chain. The other two have parallel quest chains that intersect twice, allowing the players to make an initial choice, to change that choice, and to revert back before completing the quest chain, as once completing fourth their, the other option is blocked out due to their mutually exclusive nature.

Tomorrow I will be discussing the faculties in more detail, along with the questing and rewarding systems. If you haven’t already, check out my previous post where I introduce potential players into joining as guests for our Numenera games, which you can also do directly here.

Remember, Season 3 goes live Sunday at 15:00 EST over on

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