Intitiate Introduction

Early one morning you and your fellow initiates of the Convergence are called into the dark cavern of main hall. One of the Magisters is stood on the podium facing everyone you’ve come to know, a figure who you cannot make out and with a voice masked with synthetic tones.


Covergence Artwork- Numenera by Monte Cook Names

“Welcome initiate to the Convergence. This will not keep you long, as you may not live long enough to need the counterpart to the introduction. Your services have been deemed an asset to our research  and you have therefore been recruited, either by choice, aptitude testing or by force into the services of your Magister.  Unfortunately just over six months ago your designated Magister, Vaxxor, died. Regrettably, we have had little time to inform any initiates that were designated to him between then and now to halt the recruitment process. 

Vaxxor had no academic equal in his field and therefore no nemesis in his research and so it is now believed that the cause of death was suicide. The filing of the investigation reports  into his death is slow going and we ask you to have patience while we discuss with the other Convergence members about reassigning you to other Magisters or Magestrix. You are free to freelance to other academics if they are recruiting for help and some may even offer you rewards if so inclined. This may speed up the recruitment process, as you  are looked on more favourably for your enterprising mindset.

On a side note to any aspiring initiates, due to the death of Vaxxor, there is a  position as Magister or Magestrix available.  If you are nominated by a member of the Convergence to become Magister or Magestrix and gain nine additional nominations by other Convergence members within this Sanctum, you will become an elected member of the Convergence.

Again we would like to apologise while we finish filing the death of your currently assigned Magister and we would ask you to wait patiently within the Sanctum. And as a general reminder to all initiates, leaving the Sanctum without proper authorisation will result in immediate termination and your body will be used to further our research. ” 

Magister of The Council of the Empty Sanctum

Later that day you receive a note. A man, or perhaps a woman bumped into you and dropped a piece of parchment on the floor. They picked up everything apart from it, and left before you could hand them back the following note:

If you’re reading this then you’ve been chosen to join Vaxxor’s Rache. Magister Vaxxor did not die by his own hand. He was brutally and illegally murdered. I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the term. A legal killing is that of one Magister or Magistrix by another, as long as they are academic nemesis in the same field of research. Vaxxor, even by the Convergence’s admittance, had none. He was on to something, his experiments were yielding surprising results on certain undisclosed test subjects.

As some of you may know, his last few weeks were filled with paranoia and agitation. He didn’t sleep or properly eat. He was being driven to darkness by something but he certainly didn’t kill himself. As one of Vaxxor’s assistants, we’ve got to get to the bottom of this and regardless whether he was alive when you were recruited, he is still your Magister.

I have proof, meet me Sunday, at 15:00 Eastern, outside the University of Doors Enclave . Look for someone from the Purple Order named Tesla he’ll show you where to go if you mention to him.

Signed Your Ally, Vaxxor’s Rache