Brief Info of Previous Episode

There were series of murders going on through the village. Lord Iiama is accused of the various murders. The group went around town trying to help clear his name while also trying to find the real murderer. A new group of people stroll into town stirring up rumours and trouble. Eventually Sera can be seen leaving with one of these new guys in town to go drinking in the woods. When she wakes the next day a member of the group of strangers is found dead, although not the one she had been drinking with. When she discovered the body, she is found by Big Mama and to her laws, Sera is accused of the murder and was is immediately assigned to be executed by lasers from a recently decommissioned mining rig.. Mason, wanting to rescue Sera from her fate, blew up the laser. While  successful in preventing her from being lasered to death he did succeed in getting her impaled by some bits of the laser as the device exploded, sending shrapnel in all directions and causing a large hole in the village square. While the group recovered from the explosion, Sera’s now dead body is seen disappearing in a bunch of sparkles. She is then seen walking back into the town, that is now billowing in smoke and mass confusion ensues. Although Big Mama seems to know more than she is telling before she disappeared along with her companions.

 Plot Summary

Sera and Mason try to solve a series of murders throughout town while Victor plays with dirt. (Lord Iiama’s player off sick)

Session Details

As the confusion starts to settle down and the villagers react to the explosion in the centre of their village, Mason headed back up to his room to check on the Numenera locked in his room. He finds Sera along with one artefact that is especially broken and waterlogged. On a hunch he decides to take the item apart, believing it may be linked to Sera’s condition, salvaging an oddity that depicts two fuzzy purple lights on a sonar style designed circular synth plate.   

While Sera tried to explain her version of events; the fact she had been asleep and dreaming of the explosion, but not happening to her, Victor was busy making a deal with Mavis. Victor was caught in his own lie (he was Sera’s agent and she could be booked for musical performances), although Mavis believed him, she had be burned before by travelling entertainers not keeping their contracts. Mavis tricks him into giving her his blood by filling out Metricious Guild paperwork with a pen that could extract bodily fluids. She revealed that this was her contact, signed now with his blood. Victor promised to return to her in 6 months which Mavis was happy with. On the other hand his name, now written in her ‘Guest Book’ has become directly linked to him, whatever happens to the paper and his name, he will suffer the same, which she demonstrated by scraping the ink with a bar knife and his response of feeling like he was being stabbed. Completely taken aback by her aggressive behaviour he could only agree to her contact terms which subsequently consisted of him backfilling in the hole the group had made when the machine exploded so the town could go back to normal. 

Mason and Sera finally  decide to make their way to the Hawkeye Headquarters to see if there is anything salvageable from it to help free Lord Iiama. As he walked over he was able to sense an object through his Guldspar veins, which still hadn’t been cured. Although not knowing what it was they continued to the headquaters. Inside they found the entire place had been looted, perhaps overnight but in the mess they found details about the Guldspar security systems that the recently deceased Roderick had put in place. The cell doors, certain locks and even the barrier were all linked together. Only a Guldspar could take down these security measures, and only if they sense true guilt, compared to assumed guilt. The key to all of this was an ebony wood oval device, which, after searching, was discovered to be missing. 

The pair made their way to the broken down  Purple Order Oraea in which Sera has been before and asked the occupants about locating an ebony box. One made allusions to the device before disappearing and another, a woman, stepped in to help. She apparently knew exactly what they were talking about and disappeared herself. Within moments an argument was heard from within and the two went inside. They found the man and the woman fighting over the device, neither admitting they owned the item but both compelled to keep it away from the other. A three way tug of war ensued, ending with the male monk farting, causing Mason to vomit over the man and letting go of the item, this caused the woman to fall backwards, knocking her out against the wall as she pulled hard on the device leaving Mason a little queezy but his grip firmly on it.

Eventually, Sera realised  that she is again missing Nugget and interrupts Mason and the monks and takes him back to the Drunken Talon. When they enter, Sera saw herself talking to Mavis at the bar with Nugget. Confused and afraid she edged backwards out of the bar, tripping into the hole Victor was busy ‘filling’ with large rocks. She hit her head on a rock, cracking her skull open and killing her instantly. Victor, completely dispassionate about his associates death tried to use her body to fill in the hole. The villagers of Darkperch had other ideas and stopped him but while this was going on, Sera’s dirt covered body dissipated into glitter. 

Mason meanwhile had not noticed Sera back out of the bar and approached the bar. Sera at the bar conversed about her family life with Mavis and learned about a woman by the name of Lyss that comes to town every so often that fits the description of her mother and possibly robed the same as Big Mama. Mason joins in the conversation while secretly using the device to detect true guilt, to which no-one, not even Mavis was feeling.

He then went around town trying to find someone who is extremely guilty, although not necessarily the killer. After talking to Mavis Sera made her way up to her room again to change clothes and continue to help with the investigation. While putting on her shoes she finds bits of glass shards, with blood and blue fur under her bead. Confused she looks up and sees herself in a mirror only to find that it is a clone of herself and not her reflection. Upon seeing herself, Sera is instantly filled with eminence feeling of guilt before the clone of herself jumps out the window. Outside Victor was slightly panicking now about the death of Sera, which was put at ease by Mason who told him she was now upstairs. Within moments, the clone hit the ground next to them, killing it instantly and showing the two in glitter.

Sera started to feel exhausted with these new emotions and went into a troubled sleep. It didn’t take long for Mason to use the Guldspar device to find that Sera was now full of insane amounts of guilt, effectively making her the one who responsible for the murders. He approached her room and was about to wake her up when a seemingly bad dream spawned another clone, which reacted with violence to Mason’s presence, hitting him in the face. Mason discovered that the clone, like Sera, was also emitting an intense sense of guilt. Mason quickly woke Sera up, which immediately panicked her clone into a nervous silence. Mason, along with Sera’s help put a plan together to place a clone of hers into the jail, replacing Lord Iiama and freeing him. The clone however is uncoperative and knowing that Sera cares about her pet, wrestled it off Sera and threw Nugget out window. The clone immediately dived out the window to save Nugget, which it did deftly, although Nugget started to attack the clone. Before it could do any damage, Mason jumped out of the window and rescued the clone. He forcibly made the clone walk to the Hawk-Eye headquarters and subsequently manage to switch the clone’s place with Lord Iiama. As the group left the jail Sera heard the thoughts from her clone “Why me..?”  

Summary of Item/Skill Change

Multiphasic Ray – Victor

Level: 1d6 Form: Small handheld device Effect: Emits a ray of yellow-orange light that bathes up to three human-sized targets in a burst of energy. For the next ten minutes, those affected by the ray are multiphasic, existing in multiple phases and dimensions at one time. Multiphasic characters are not subject to the special resistances of creatures that are normally difficult to touch or attack because they are out of phase or transdimensional in nature. Likewise, if the attacks of foes who are out of phase or transdimensional would normally ignore Armor, this benefit does not apply to multiphasic characters. Depletion: 1 in 1d20.

XP Awarded and Why

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