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The group washed up on the banks of Seraphim Lake in Darkperch. They are introduced to Mavis and various characters of Darkperch. Almost instantly the group meet Lord Iiama inside the Drunken Talon. A senior member of the Metricious Guild and charged with shutting down the Ethis owned Darkperch mines. The village is celebrating the removal of house Ethis, while the foreman demanded for people to realise they were now jobless. Only Sera got caught up in the festivities, leading to her becoming black out drunk and put to bed far earlier than the her two sober companions. In the morning crying and screaming roused all four from their beds and as they went down to the bar, Lord Iiama was accused of murder.

 Plot Summary

Lord Iiama is accused for killing the foremen of the mines in Darkperch, who he was seen having an argument with in the middle of the Drunken Talon. The group decides to investigate the murder to prove Lord Iiama’s innocence and perhaps gain the Metricious Guild’s favour.

Session Details

Day 1

The girl’s accusation of murder had stemmed from a chunk of blue coloured fur soaked tainted in blood. Although completely untrained in investigation matters, the Feral Hawk-Eye by the name of Roderick scanned Lord Iiama’s blue fur coat and found that part of his cloak had indeed been torn out. However the colour of the fur also reminded Sera of her beloved pet Nugget and quietly assumed that the murder might have something to do with her. With the only evidence presented a chunk of fur and a missing segment in Lord Iiama’s coat, Roderick locked up Lord Iiama in the Hawk-Eye tower until his innocence could be proved. 

Mason then began a brash interrogation of the young girl much to Mavis’ displeasure. In his brief conversation with the girl, he found out that her grandfather was the foreman to the mines, the same old man who had argued with Lord Iiama publicly in the tavern last night. According to his granddaughter, the foreman woke her up in the early hours of the morning, despite him leaving the Drunken Talon in the late hours of the evening.  

It was decided by the three that Mason would go visit Lord Iiama, while Sera would try to find the family home as there is no local mortuary in this small village. Mason found Roderick locking up the tower while carrying what seemed like poles with some form of crystal and machine attachment to the top. He refused Mason entry to the tower as there would be no Hawk-Eye present. As Mason tried to convince Roderick to let him in, Roderick had completed planting the poles into the ground, creating an ‘impenetrable’ barrier around the village, essentially cordoning off the village until the murderer could be identified. 

As Sera was looking for the family house, she ran into three Purple Order Monks. All of them ignored her request for directions and instead argued with each-other as to the exact prophesy the world will end. More confused than she was before she talked to them, Sera left the monks and stumbled upon an old run down house with villagers surrounding the open door. She presumed this was where the body was found. Within moments of her arrival, Victor showed up, presumably bored from waiting in the tavern.

After a rough confrontation with the son-in-law, Sera and Victor were forced to head back to the bar. They decided that Mason could perhaps interview the foreman to find out the identity of his assailant, using his necromantic powers. They found Mason frustrated in the Drunken Talon and were informed of the barrier now stopping them from leaving. After a brief conversation is was agreed that Mason should resurrect, in part, the victim.  

When they entered the house of the deceased, they tried to convince the family to leave the room with the body. It was quickly made known that Mason had necromantic powers and the villagers believed that this would cause bigger trouble for them later and protested but the son-in-law allowed it to happen so that justice could be served. The foreman was hunched over a desk and smelled distinctly of rum. There was also more blue fur and glass shards sticking out from the wound on the back of his head. Upon further inspection it the glass shards were embedded into his head and most likely were from  a broken ale bottle, most likely from the Drunken Talon. 

Mason’s first question was ‘Who killed you?’ to which was the reply ‘I’ve never met them before so I wouldn’t know.’ ‘Who was likey to have killed you?’ was answered with ‘I have no enemies here, or ever, the only person to blame must be Lord Iiama’. The final question, ‘What were you doing before you died?’ was replied to with ‘I was talking to a girl, I think I met her before but I’m not sure.’ With the forman’s brain now mushed and starting to dribble out of his ear the group headed back to the Druken Talon for the evening, no closer to solving the murder. 

During the evening a group of robed figures appeared. They seemed to intimate Mavis and forced a group of patrons off their table to accommodate them. A few villagers started to murmur about the overweight woman leading the figures. They too seemed a little intimidated but also questioned how she arrived if the barriers stopped entry and exit.

Day 2

Roderick was found dead inside he Hawk-Eye property by one of the villagers. This caused a mass panic which spilled into the Drunken Talon, alerting the group to another murder. When they arrived the inside was packed with villagers who were already destroying the crime scene. Mason managed to find a torn piece of cloth with embroidery, which nobody recognised. In order to move the townsfolk  out of the crime scene Mason tried to wake the body using necromancy but instead caused mass panic, causing a stampede and completely ruining the crime scene. 

They group decided that since there was no more evidence so to speak, they wanted to question Iiama who had been there overnight. He stated that he had heard arguing, and a woman’s voice outside his window the night before. He was also able to identify the piece of cloth found at the scene as an insignia of the Convergence.

Victor and Mason seemed to think Mavis was the killer and subsequently tried to interrogate her. They were unsuccessful to say the least after being shot down multiple times throughout their questioning. Mavis soon became angry at the two and told them that they are to have a meeting with someone named Big Mama; the exact same portly woman who appeared with the robed figures yesterday.

Victor and Mason take it upon themselves to talk to Big Mama after Sera is found drinking herself into a blackout state again, this time however accompanied by one of the Convergence members. Victor and Mason quickly discovered that they were meeting Big Mama about transporting the Numenera to the Convergence Headquarters, whereas they had previously thought they were just transporting the artefacts to Darkperch. As the conversation came to a close, Victor spotted Sera leaving the Drunken Talon with the Convergence member but ignored it and went up to his room, following in the footsteps of Mason. 

Day 3

Sera woke up without her pet Nugget at the shoreline of Seraphim Lake. Beside her lay the man she had taken a fancy to the night before, still dressed in his Convergence robes and luckily sound asleep. She quickly got up and decided to search for Nugget near the tree-line surrounding the lake. Almost immediately she found another convergence member, this time however his lifeless body. Just after her discovery she herself is found by Big Mama, who accuses her of murder. Without any evidence to prove her innocence Sera is to be put to death by Convergence laws. The method of execution, a recently decommissioned mining laser.

Both Victor and Mason tried to reason with Big Mama about the situation but their words fall on deaf ears. This was due to the fact that this transportation was in fact their initiation into the Convergence under Scarlet and Sera had failed her initiation due to Convergence laws. Under the orders of Big Mama, Sera was tied up and restrained in front of the mining laser.

Completely frustrated, Mason decided to onslaught the machine just as Mama was about to activate it, causing the laser to explode. Everyone in the vicinity was blown back a few feet, some colliding against the walls. Sera however was impaled to the outside wall of the Drunken Talon by shrapnel. Within moments her life ebbed from her body and died. However as Victor and Mason looked on in horror as the death of their companion her body dissipated into what could only be described a glitter.

Sera immediately  woke up in the Darkperch Woods with Nugget. She had a splitting headache, vomited and reached for a bottle beside her. As she took a breath in, the smell of alcohol made her wretch. From over the trees should could see clouds of black smoke coming from what she presumed to be Darkperch and made her way back to the village. After stumbling through the woods she found her friends somewhat injured and Big Mama questioning her about how she didn’t take any kind of damage from the blast.

After a brief conversation it seemed that Big Mama knew exactly what was going on, even if everyone else, including Sera did not. Sensing the hostility of the village, Big Mama used her scythe to cut herself in half, creating a clone of sorts as both halves regenerated the missing half. The side carrying the scythe then seemed to cut into reality itself causing a tare which she stepped through. The remaining ‘Big Mama’ was lead to Mason’s room by Sera to show her the Numenera they were delivering. There is a quick examination of the goods, and Big Mama found that one of the artefacts was water damaged and could cause them a bit of an issue if it hadn’t already, which left Sera nervous. It was revealed to Sera that these artefacts were being delivered to the research estate of a man by the name of Braxx. He had died only a week or so ago and all of his materials that were on loan were being recalled back to the Convergence until his research was claimed by another Convergence member. Sera was then given a better way to carry the goods, a small cuboid metallic artefact that unfurled into a large floating platform that could be easily pushed or pulled as well as  instructions to get to where they need to go and what to do. Big Mama’s departing words were that they were to follow the Wyr River and would be under constant watch before the clone of Big Mama grotesquely melted away into nothing. 

Summary of Item/Skill Change

  • Small artifact, floating plate thing with buttons to carry stuff.

XP Awarded and Why

  • GM Intrusions on all the players
  • Victor for remembering Rodric’s name.

Memorable Quotes by NPCs

  • “I would love to help you sir, but I have to file the tax returns.” – Rodric


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