Brief Past Episode Summary

The group waited for Ritz, the remaining thug from House Ethis, so they could sneak out the Numenera from Scarlet out of the city. They travelled out of the city limits via and underground carriage suspended between two beams of energy. It was revealed by Lord Narkkonis that even he, her apparent appointed bodyguard to the group, was no friend of hers. At the end of the journey they found themselves in an underground cave with what seemed to be a fossilised Numenera complex fused with the rock. They began to hear laughter after Sven and Victor ventured forth down the corridor, seemingly breaching whatever security protocols were in place, leaving Sera and Mason in a dark corridor. The laughter continued to get louder, this panicked Sera who tried to light a match to see what is going on. Her match is snuffed out by long boney fingers.

Key/Funny/Useful Moments

Mason remembered that the vines at the top of the cave system were actually tubes filled with liquid light, which after cutting into the tube, spilled all over the floor. As it started to pool onto the ground it filled the almost invisible channels in the stone floor, revealing the tiling hexagons beneath their feet. The laughter intensified and upon further examination of the cave they were in, both Sera and Mason noticed the walls and barrels full over Numenera were covered in two foot long hand-prints made from the liquid light. With no other option and with terror setting in, both of them quickly set after Lord Narkkonis and Victor.

Further into the cave system, both Lord Narkkonis and Victor continued to follow the sound of rumbling water, hoping to find an exit. They too were soon greeted by an illuminated hand-print but it was only Victor that decided to carry on. Lord Narkkonis became distracted by a second hand-print behind them which they did not notice. He first dismissed it but the sound of chinking stone and the liquid light bleeding from it to the floor raised his suspicion. Without Victor however, he was alone and decided it was in both their interests for him to find Victor.

Following behind them Sera and Mason entered the same corridor. They too noticed the hand-prints but the one that started to bleed now had gushing water spewing from the palm, causing the corridor to start to fill with water. They quickly moved on, not wanting to get wet or get caught up in the rising tide of water. Overhead Jester sped past them after waking up alone and unable to contact his master.

His flight was erratic at best and the walls of the cave were left with indents from his spherical shape.  He too was in a state of panic, now realising that something was terribly wrong with his programming. In his search for help, he managed to find Lord Narkkonis and bashed right into him, knocking him to the floor. It wasn’t just this that startled Lord Narkkonis, Jester actively requested to interface with Lord Narkkonis and transmitted his fears and pleaded to be fixed. In his examination of Jester, Lord Narkkonis found that parts of his memory had been deleted or corrupted and restoring them would take some time. But his scans also revealed that Jester was also part of the same technology employed by the mechanical part of the cave system and therefore fixing Jester may provide a way out for everyone.

He knew this would take all of his senses until fixed but decided to take the risk. Lord Narkkonis was able to interface with Jester, even accessing some of his sensory data. It was then, and only then, that he registered that water was rising beneath his feet and a shadowy figure behind him and cracked the wall, which was spewing water over his artificial body. Lord Narkkonis’ systems were were starting to go critical, his host body was about to become uninhabitable. In his panic, much like the last time he transferred his conciousness, he knew there was only one option. A quick and dirty data download into the spare memory space inside Jester. He didn’t know how long he would have, or if it would be successful, but he believed his knowledge couldn’t be lost and so Jester became his salvation.

As Lord Narkkonis downloaded his conciousness into Jester, the caves filled with laughter, the sounds of a highly distorted siren and heavy metal plates escaping against stone. The sound of rushing water rang in Victors ears and as he caught his breath from power walking to where he believed was safety, he was joined by Sera and Mason, with no sign of Lord Narkkonis. It started to feel like even the air was reverberating with the sound the water before the walls around them blasted open into the corridor, filling it with water and drowning the three of them.

Mason awoke, bleary eyed to the sound of explosions and the giggles of a young girl. Above him fireworks danced in the sky, which afforded him a breath of relief, he was alive and out of the cave. He wildly looked around for both Sera and Victor and found them both by his side, barely breathing and soaked head to toe, much like himself. He seemed to be next to a large pond or very small lake and the tree-line surrounding them seemed well kept, perhaps even on purpose. His eyes were soon drawn to a girl screaming and pointing at the three as Mason stood up before running into the trees. She was soon followed by the boy that Mason assumed had been trying to kiss in a more private and romantic setting. He helped both Sera and Victor up from the ground and with relief, noticed the barrels had survived the drowning as well, now bobbing on the other side of the water.

Victor spotted a gleam of something shining in the dirt by the lake and couldn’t resist investigating. He was disappointed to find it was a powered down Jester, although he soon awoke at Victor’s touch. He seemed different some how, distracted, unable to make complete sentences and followed Victor’s instruction to help retrieve the barrels out of the lake. Although Jester, still being Jester, used a pair of Sais from somewhere inside his body to pierce the barrels to get a grip. In the process the barrels were splintering under the pressure, with one slipping from his grasp and falling down into the water. It was quickly retrieved but Victor couldn’t forget the image of water pouring out of the holes of the barrel, he was convinced the Numenera had been destroyed by the water.

A group of people appeared from the tree line and approached the soaked group. There was the young couple, what seemed to be a father and son and an older woman who distinctly smelled like a brewery from ten feet away. She beaconed them all over and surprisingly offered them hospitality. Her name was Mavis, owner of the Drunken Talon in Darkperch and self appointed leader. The group with no other direction welcomed the friendship while making sure the Numenera barrels were kept close to them. On the walk to the village she explained that everyone was celebrating the fact the local mines had shut down. What was once a source of prosperity for the village had been commoditised after it was bought by House Ethis. Today saw the arrival of a Metricious Lord from the capital, serving a cease and desist order from the guild, shutting down the mines and removing House Ethis’ grip over the village. Their exploitation had been going on for over a hundred years but Mavis was quick to point out that even though the Metricious guild had offered them all jobs, it was highly unlikely they would find work again but conceded that the village deserved to celebrate their freedom, even for a little while.

When the large oak doors of the Drunken Talon were thrown open, they were greeted by the sights and smells of the festivities. Ale was free flowing (which angered Mavis), roasted meat graced every table and music was being played over head by a mechanical bird. Sera noticed that there were two men out of place. One was what she assumed to be the Metricious Lord and the other an old man, violently gesturing wit his walking stick at the Lords direction. Samuel found a drink and decided to sit next to the broken barrels to at least guard them from any drunken antics while Victor allowed himself to get swept up in the party without touching a single drop of booze. 

As Sera got closer to the old man she realised he was trying to shout not only to the Lord but to everyone else. From what little she could hear over the raucous she made out that the old man was the Foreman of the mine and was apparently the only one realising he, and everyone else in the village were now jobless. He blamed everything on the Metricious Lord but it fell on drunken deaf ears. He tried to convince Sera about the Lord’s dubious nature but she declined his statement that she had been bribed which surprised the Foreman and in frustration, decided to leave, bashing the party goes with his walking stick to clear the way.

She made a little small talk before succumbing to her addiction to drink. Unfortunately this was helped by Mavis, who by now was as drunk as the rest of the revellers and offered up a small personal keg to Sera to see if she could finish it for a bet. She did as a matter of course, but the booze and the day’s events had taken their toll and she was soon helped up the stairs by Mavis to one the tavern’s bedrooms. Now slightly guilt ridden by Sera’s state, she offered rooms to Mason and Victor until she recovered in the morning. They gladly accepted and soon greeted their own chambers in the small hours of the morning.

When Mavis did her rounds in the morning she was still drunk, which didn’t help her to be quiet when waking up her patrons. Victor was already awake she entered his chambers, Mason had locked himself in with the Numenera and Sera was still passed out with Nugget snuggling in to her. Mavis muttered under her breath that she didn’t trust cute things which may or may not have stirred Sera from her slumber. Mavis’ last room was that of the Metricious Lord, who freaked her out by answering the door before her hand was even on the handle. Her plodding footsteps had awoken him but he had no reason to leave his room as early as it was. It was only when Mavis went downstairs and hysterical crying and shouting permeated the floorboards that he was moved to act. He followed the other three downstairs, finding a older woman covered with blankets in the corner of the bar being looked over by Mavis and the father and son team. There was also a young girl next to them who seemed more angry than upset and as soon as the Metricious Lord stepped off the stairs and into the bar she screamed at the top of her lungs the he had killed her grandfather.

Summary of Item/Skill Change

No item or skill changes

XP Awarded and Why

GM Intrusion: Rumbling sound accompanied by giggling coming from the direction of the hand print.


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