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Our band of adventures are sent to The Pale Spine to discuss with House Ethis thugs about transporting Scarlet’s Numenera out of the city under the direction of Silver Palm member Payclin. They proved to the barkeep that they are mostly inept at the task as they initially forgot their cargo and did not carry Silver Palm coins to deal with their Silver Palm contacts.

 Plot Summary

The group is introduced to a new party member by the name of Lord Narkkonis. He is to be their escort out of the city but events seem to conspire against them.

Key/Funny/Useful Moments

After waiting for a few hours for Ritz – the surviving House Ethis thug – to return with another barrel, the group is brought together by Payclin. With slight dramatic flair, he began to introduce Lord Narkkonis, Scarlet’s appointed bodyguard for their travel. Before his arrival, Payclin warned the group not to comment on his appearance, his voice, or his thought process. When he arrived at The Pale Spine, his intimidating appearance didn’t deter Victor from his usual antagonistic conversations. 

The newly formed group reached the edge of the Auspar Crater and found the smuggling route. A carriage propelled by large energy streams. It was run by a small child, no older than 11 years old. Nugget to an instant liking to him, although he took an instant dislike to Lord Narkkonis. Intimidated by his appearance, he lashed out at him, claiming he knew people who could harm the group. Lord Narkkonis did not take the threat seriously and the group boarded the carriage with the barrels filled with Numenera.

Lod Narkkonis brought up the topic of Scarlet during the journey through what seemed to be under ground. He asked the how much they knew of her and why they were working with her. It was quickly understood that Scarlet killed all loose ends, regardless if they considered her their ally.  With traitorous words filling the carriage, the group they warned him about Jester.  Who  quickly woke up at the mention of his name. It is clear to see to all that Jester was malfunctioning,  most likely due to Scarlet’s rewiring and reprogramming of Jesters systems. Lord Narkkonis was able to interface with Jester and force him to sleep, revealing his artificial nature. After it was safe to talk, Lord Narkkonis made the suggestion that the got rid of the spy in their ranks as soon as possible. 

At the bottom of the elevator they found themselves in what seemed to be a cavern. The stonework seemed fused with large metal panels on the walls, and the floor transitioned between dirt and rock to flat sheets a near black metal. Fossilised wires protruded from fragments of rock leading to Lord Narkkonis to belive this structure was somehow electronic in nature and was soon able to interface with what was soon revealed to be an access panel for a security door they could not see. He was able to override the security protocols but as soon as he stepped past the threshold he found himself stood upon a purple hexagon of light which tiled on the floor with his movements. This was accompanied by shrieks and howls of disembodied laughter, seemingly coming from everywhere in a hundred different voices. He and Victor ventured forth doown the passasge way to the newly opened up room to try to figure out where they were and what was happening. This left Sera and Mason guarding the Numenera barrels with no clue what would be in store. Standing around in the dark they all head the laughter getting closer. Sera quickly decided to light a match to try to get a quick glimpse of their surroundings but it was extinguished almost immediately by two bone like fingers that reached over her shoulder from the dark.  

Summary of Item/Skill Change

Lord Narkkonis found a Numenera object but was unable to figure out what it was so give it to Victor for further inspection.

Victor: Inorganic Slug Spitter – T shaped gun like device whose ammo can pass through inorganic material, only harming organic.

XP Awarded and Why

No XP was awarded even with the attempts of the GM for intrusions.


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