Traitors Gate: EP.2/3

Brief Info of Previous Episode

The group attended their meeting with Elena Kray, who they were told would be able to supply them with a cure of Judgement. While there they also discovered that she isn’t Sera’s mother but her aunt who took her identity to avoid some unsavoury types. Unfortunately, this drug deal/family reunion was cut short due to a tip given by Victor to the guards of the city. However, Elena was able to slip away but not before setting up another meeting. Now lacking a few drugs required by Scarlet, the group g decided to abduct a guard from House Ethis to hopefully help their new boss create their own supply of Nastrond. The abduction went somewhat smoothly and they made their way back to Scarlet’s. After a bit of questioning and what could be a seen as a half hearted “job well done” for the stupidly optimistic they are given their first real task, to escort some bits of Numenera out of the city.

 Plot Summary

Our band of adventures are sent to The Pale Spine to discuss with thug from House Ethis about transporting Numenera out of the city.

Key/Funny/Useful Moments

The group made their way to the ground levels of the city, to meet DeHart, a member of the Silver Palm who is in contact with Scarlet. He’s in the leader of the Foundations Silver Palm and also the best person to talk to about getting goods out of the city.

After a bit of waiting and a seemingless dead end, they are lead to Dehart by a rouge Apricari named Payclin. Part of the octopi species, Payclin genetically engineered a swine mount which he is permentatly attached to. Apricari believes his species superior to humans although has a bitter dislike for his own kind.

After some intrusive inquestions and some prodding from both Victor and Mason, Payclin’s mount triggered its self defence mechanism while within the elevator and sprayed mind altering ink over both of them. When the reached the ground the group was told that the Numenera would be down shortly and they followed Payclin to Dehart.

The group arrives at Merin’s Numenera and Victor immediately starts to annoy Dehart, only for him to turn round and remind them that they hadn’t actually delivered the Numenera, they had forgotten it at the elevator. It took a bit of time but they were finally able to make their way back to the carriers. They were then lead to The Pale Spine by Payclin who confirmed that their contact for export was a House Ethis thug, transporting drugs out of the city.

The group arrived at the Pale Spine, meeting one of its regulars, the one eyed card cheat, Maw and in turn the barkeep. It was clear to the barkeep that the group were very green when it came to Silver Palm business and reluctantly agreed to help them out of pity. They were told to wait until the Ethis grunts arrived. The barkeep helped organise the meeting but it was quickly made clear that the group had also forgotten to request Silver Palm coins, the currency the guild uses for ‘favours’. The barkeep gave over one of his own coins to placate the deal.  While the grunts were offloading their goods contained within ale barrels, one of the two falls ill and dies to the Untethering. The other goon blamed the barkeep and refused to help the group. Victor manages to explain the situation to him, telling him that the Untethering illness is random, spontaneous and unpredictable, it cannot be controlled, especially not by a simple barkeep. The remaining Ethis member agrees to help transport the goods the group needs after getting another barrel to hide the goods.

Summary of Item/Skill Change

A Cypher was traded between Mason and Victor

[Sticky Bendable Patch] When applied to a device such as a cypher or an artefact during daylight hours, the patch increases the effect of the next use of the device (such as providing additional damage or healing equal to the patch’s level, increasing the distance from close range to long range, and so on). When applied to an expired device, the patch re-powers it once, allowing it a single additional use.

Victor finds a journal that is dated about 700 years before now in a room at the tavern.

XP Awarded and Why

XP awared to Victor and Mason with a wonderful GM intrustion


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