Traitors Gate: EP. 1

Brief Info of Previous Episode

  • The group prepared themselves to meet Elena Kray. Victor enthralled Scarlett with his knowledge of ‘vinegar’ and found her Datasphere Display which contained a message from the god Brethsid for him. Mason cleared the torture chamber and nabbed a few cyphers while Sera visited Margaret at Meso’s to pick up their nobility outfits.

 Plot Summary

  • The group makes its way to upper merchant district known as the White Tile Market which is located near the Obsidian Spire to meet with Elena to get a remedy for Judgement and a few other commonly known drugs for Scarlet which ends in an unpredictable manner.

Key/Funny/Useful Moments

  • Mason and Sera exchange a couple pieces of Numenera as to not endanger the group with their random interactions when carried over limits.
  • Change into the previous month’s version of high fashion, which consists of terrible costumed jewellery, brightly coloured and incredibly revealing cloths in order to blend in.
  • Made their way to the market only to see a new building being completed and an ‘Ascension’ ceremony taking place from the Ethis family, with Isadora and Christophe in attendance.
  • After finally spotting Elena in the crowd our group makes their way over to her, introducing themselves, Sera quickly goes into interrogation mode about how she her mother was supposed to be dead and has been for a long time, only to find out that this Elena is her aunt assuming her deceased mother’s identity.
    • She is able to give them: Memorine, Khatt-Nipp, but would take some time to gather the other drugs and suggested we meet elsewhere to collect
  • While Mason and Sera continue on with their exchange, Victor slips away to talk to some guards who he had managed to convince in previous episodes to come here to arrest Elena.
    • This plan was quickly foiled as she had managed to slip away before we could make arrangements to pick up the remaining drugs.
  • Since Elena was unable to provide the gang with Nastrond, Victor decides to abduct one of the Ethis guards around the area to provide Scarlet with her own supply of the drug. Knowing that those addicted to Nastrond can eventually mutate to produce their own after periods of withdrawal.
    • This plan involved getting a wagon with a cover while the men hid in a dark alley while Sera drunkenly convinces one of the guards to fight her.
    • The plan mostly worked, Sera was able to lure one of the guards away but a small scuffle ensued where the guard was knocked unconscious by Mason and Victor while Sera came into the crossfire of a poison rendering her unable to move during the fight.
    • Satisfied with their capture, the group make their way with the wagon back to Scarlet’s hide out. While on the way, Sera is able to locate a great sword on the body as well as a small vial of Nastrond for Scarlet until the guard has fully changed to produce his own.
  • Once back at Scarlet’s the group sees a bunch of straw lined crates filled with various bits of Numenera about to be on its way to Darkperch.
  • After handing over the requested items to Scarlet, the group is given their first official Scarlet job, accompanying the crates of goods to Darkperch.

Summary of Item/Skill Change

  • Sera received from Mason
    • Mind Module: This cypher must be attached to another cypher or artifact (a level 6 task). Once attached, it no longer counts against a character’s cypher limit. The cypher or artifact it is attached to is now possessed of its own telepathic machine intelligence and can function on its own, obeying verbal or telepathic commands. For example, a detonation can be told to explode whenever someone in a particular uniform comes near. A windrider can be commanded to fly to a location on its own. The module cannot be removed from the device without destroying both the module and the device.
    • Unknown [Small metal and synth plate]
  • Sera looted off the body of the Ethis guard
    • 1 Greatsword
  • Mason received from Elena
    • A couple vials of Memorine

XP Awarded and Why

  • Sera
    • For her flaw of alcohol always helping her through tough situations

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